Social Media Club Chapter Leaders Recipe for Success

Starting a chapter of Social Media Club is no small task. You do not say one day, “I would like a Social Media Club chapter in my city,” and—POOF–have an established, working group with 50 paying members. It takes hard work, dedication and heavy publicity—much like any other endeavor. It also takes teamwork; something that […]

You've got 2011 Professional Resolutions, Now What?

Have you made some lofty resolutions? It’s expected, everyone is guilty of it. Heck, I simply gave up on the idea of going to grad school in the near future so two years ago, my new years resolutions have changed to finding something that truly fulfills me. Here I am. Merrium Webster Dictionary defines resolve […]

Social Media Clubhouse December 2010 Highlights

SOCIAL MEDIA CLUB EXPANDING MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS We have rallied a handful of volunteers to help expand Social Media Club member benefits, and would like to discuss your company possibly extending discounts/benefits to our paid members. We have some exciting partnerships with mobile accessory companies and software/hardware companies but are also seeking member benefits for business […]

A few 2011 Conferences & Events Worth Checking Out

Social Media Club is proud to host the following events: January 5th, 2011 – Lenovo Lounge, Las Vegas, NV (USA). The Lenovo blogger lounge is being hosted at CES 2011 and is entitled "Eat. Drink. Blog. @Lenovo Lounge." This event is an invite only, submit your request for an invitation, here. February 11th, 2011 – […]

Request an Invite for the Lenovo Lounge @CES 2011 with Social Media Club

Once again this year, we are excited to be co-hosting the Blogger Night party at CES 2011 with Lenovo on Wednesday January 5, 2011. Entitled "Eat. Drink. Blog. @Lenovo Lounge", it's an extraordinary combination of great people, incredible food and intoxicating beverages. If you've joined us in the past, you may have already received your invite, but […]

Social Media Club News: From The Clubhouse December 2010

SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERS WORKSHOP: FEBRUARY 11, 2011 Social Media Club has partnered with Online Marketing Summit (OMS) to bring you, Social Media Masters on February 11, 2011 in San Diego, CA. The level of content at this full-day workshop is helpful to those social media professionals who are looking to deepen their skills and knowledge, […]


Social Media Club Welcomes New Editorial Team

Social Media Club is progressing in some bigs ways, one of which launches today, our Social Media Club Editorial Team.  We called on some of our most dedicated volunteers to help Social Media Club create valuable educational content, in the way of interviews, how-to's and case studies.   Our Editorial Team will feature daily blogs […]