Upcoming 2011 Social Media Conferences & Events

Social Media Club is proud to host the following events: February 11, 2011 – Social Media Masters (San Diego, CA USA) Discount Code: SMC20 to receive 20% off registration.  If you are a Social Media Professional wanting to take your skills to the next level, or an online marketer expanding your capabilities, this program is your […]


Social Media and the Law

The intersection of new technologies like social media and the law seems to be quite a busy place. It seems that every day I read at least one or more articles, blog posts, or letter to Dear Abby addressing matters involving social media and the law. In addition, the advice columns seem to be inundated […]

SMC Chapter Does Its Bit to “Keep Austin Weird”

“Keep Austin Weird” is the slogan of the Austin Independent Business Alliance, so it is no surprise that the Texas state capital was quick to jump on the social media bandwagon.  Applying some of the early social media platforms to business seemed weird, indeed. The social media paradigm shift was embraced eagerly from the outset […]


Social Media Masters on BlogTalk Radio Recap

Last week, we hosted our Social Media Masters workshop leaders on BlogTalk Radio, to set expectations for those attending Social Media Masters, February 12th in San Diego, CA. The people we have chosen as our Masters, have hands on experience using the tools they will be offering full day deep dives on, including Twitter, Facebook, […]

Content is King – How to Strengthen Your Web Content

Producing content for the web can not only be creatively challenging but can suffer from some of the pitfalls of any other task – lack of time, lack of ideas, and general lack of pizzazz. It’s not that easy to write in the first place and making that writing work well for your purpose is […]

The Stairway to Global Digital Participation

In my last contribution I provided a backdrop to the conversation room of #digipart – a convo focused on mapping the journey towards Global Digital Participation. With references to different digital marginalizations a Call for Action among SMC Globalists and Activists, the question was posed – ”How do we get all to 'get it'?”. How […]

Three Tiers of Facebook Brand Page Execution: Which is right for your brand?

Here's a way to think of the opportunity: Facebook is it's own microcosm within the internet with 500 million users and more time spent than Google. Having a bold and clear presentation of your brand in this "corner" of the internet is increasingly critical to the brand experience (whether you are a mom and pop […]

Social Media Challenges & Opportunties 2011

Over the past year I have personally struggled with how social media, and its adoption by organizations large and small, has not met several of my expectations. When I first envisioned what has now become Social Media Club, I saw it as potentially becoming the home for cutting edge management thinking, the return to 'real marketing' […]

Words Matter

I can’t help but think over and over of my favorite movie, The Fisher King, right now. It is the story of shock jock radio host, Jack, played by Jeff Bridges, who gives violent advice during his show to an unstable man that results in a massive shooting. It’s an exceptional and, at times, heartbreaking […]