8 Ways Social Media Pros Use Tablets Every Day

If you’re like me, you probably think that the whole social media world has an iPad or some other tablet device to make their lives wonderful – everyone but you, that is. You might even fantasize about how many ways a tablet could make your life easier. Or maybe you have a tablet already and […]

Announcing Social Media Camp San Diego on 2/12/2011

We are excited to announce that Social Media Club is organizing a Social Media Camp in San Diego for Saturday February 12, 2011 together with our newly reformed San Diego chapter and hosted by Sony Electronics.  Social Media Camp is a one day education and networking event for the local community of social media professionals […]

"Social" Community for Social Change and Efficiency

Businesses and other types of service providers are moving online, and more people in developing regions of the world are gravitating toward online commerce and interaction. As the exploration of the Internets galaxy deepens, so does the depth of the developing world. This number has and will grow exponentially. *Compliments of Internet World Stats TOP […]

Cite Right in 2011: How to credit your social media sources

Citation: the word itself sounds evil. In college, I always completed the reference section of my papers at the eleventh hour. Undoubtedly, I would be coming down from the caffeinated high of an all-night type fest. My mind would be swirling with citation minutia.  Does the comma go here or there or not at all? […]

Will Quora find its place among the stars?

Every once in a while, a shiny new social network or application strikes the right cord with the early adopter crowd. Call it perfect timing, luck, or some combination of the two. Twitter felt this boost in 2007, Foursquare managed to be the darling of 2009 at SXSW, and Quora has really come into its […]

Social Media Club D.C.: It’s All About Networking

If your Social Media Club chapter seems to be getting off to a slow start, take heart: Meetings of the Social Media Club D.C. were attracting just 10 to 20 people at the end of the chapter’s first year, and today the leadership team alone numbers about 40. “Finding the right balance between consistency and […]

The Rise of Social Gaming

With the dramatic growth of games like Angry Birds and the news that Cityville has surpassed Farmville in popularity, I wanted to find what the attraction to these games are and why do advertisers want in? The answer is actually quite simple. Social gaming may feel like a time waster to those outside of the […]

Social Media and Child Safety Issue: Who should be held responsible?

Referring to the child online safety issue in my previous SMC blog post (article) I raised, I want to bring forward another angle of safety & privacy for the kids, their parents and teachers in this article – Who should be held responsible for the child safety & privacy in social media? Parental Part: Most […]

Get Up Close and Personal With Our Social Media Masters

Our Social Media Masters event is just a mere 30 days away and we thought it was the perfect time to give you an up close and personal look at our four workshop leaders, hear an overview of the teachings during each workshop, and what you should know before arriving in San Diego for this […]

Video 101: Editing and Production

A good video tells a memorable story. In loud environments like the Consumer Electronics Show, it may be the only thing people remember about your company. In social media environments, your video may be the first way a viewer sees your brand. Being memorable therefore comes in handy when your brand appears again and they […]