#Cancersucks: How cancer survivors connect with Twitter

The cancer community is active and engaged in the social media space. Using Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums, cancer survivors use social media to connect with others and communicate with family and friends. This article highlights how one cancer survivor found support through Twitter and provides tips for joining the conversation. Support tweeps I met […]

4 Tips For Creating a Better Consumer Generated Video contest

You don’t have to be a giant brand like Doritos to get some buzz bang out of videos created by your customers. You don’t have to have a prize worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, either. Sure, those things help, but even smaller regional brands can generate some added interest and engagement though video contests. […]

Social Media Camp Helps Serve Community Need in San Diego

Social Media Camp is hitting San Diego, for a full-day event on Saturday, April 30th from 9am-5pm at Sony Electronic’s magnificent LEED certified building on their campus in Rancho Bernardo. Presented by Social Media Club, San Diego will be the 3rd city to host Social Media Camp after New York and San Francisco.   To align […]

Social Media Club Introduces Social Media Masters 11 City Tour (April 2011)

  SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERS LAUNCHING 11 CITY U.S. TOUR    Coming off the success of our Social Media Masters event in San Diego back in February, we’re launching an 11 city tour this Summer, which will offer deep dives in several full-day workshops; such as, Facebook: Marketing Engagement with Fans, Friends, Content, Apps and Ads […]

Business Wire Offers College Students Opportunity to Meet Warren Buffet

In a new campaign launched today by Business Wire, to celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2011, they are promoting a video contest open to U.S. and Canadian college students only, which asks, What is the future of public relations and communications?   The top five video submissions will be posted to Business Wire’s Facebook page, […]

Memories Are Made of This … SXSW 2011 in Pictures

It is said that “A Picture is worth a 1000 words;” not surprising since over 80% of people learn and retain information visually. The benefits of using visuals in what you do are numerous; when combined with text you increase the chance of people remembering what you said up to 90%.   The practice of using pictures […]


Facebook Users: Protect Your Account. Change Your Security Settings to 'https'. Now.

  Every day we hear about someone’s Facebook account being hacked. One minute you are happily posting photos from your friends birthday, next thing you know your account is sending ‘buy this iPad’ spammy emails to everyone in your contact list. It has happened to many of us. And it sucks.    Hackers gain access […]

Publicity and Advertising through Social Media: The Essence

As I wrote in my last article, on the topic differences between Publicity & Advertising through social media, that both needs strategic approaches and that too, at separated lines of definition, it is the demand of the hour that we stress upon the part ‘social’ more than the part ‘media’.  The Basic Essence: With the […]


Where's the Beef?

As a social media consultant I’m frequently met with questions in regards to what constitutes “good content”, especially as it relates to blogs.  I’ve been fortunate to work in a wide array of industries, so narrowing down what I consider good attributes was a bit of challenge. None-the-less, I dusted off the ole thinking cap […]

What's Hot in Blogging: March 2011

The first week of every month, contributor Amy Phillips will recap what made waves in blogging for the previous month. March online was all about Libya and Japan. Disasters captured our attention and our blog posts. First, the disaster in Japan. On the morning of March 11 the earth shook for a terrifying two minutes, […]