Mobilizing Community – with Businesses, Brands, Media, Software and Web. All Social?

  There is a conversation going on what is a “Social Business“. And how it relates to the concept of “Social Media“. It has been introduced / inspired by / instigated here as well, on this part of the World Wide Web called From the co-founder, chairman and professional member #1 Chris Heuer of […]

Moscow Chapter Promotes Social Media in Russia

The social media revolution has been extremely disruptive, replacing old business hierarchies with overlapping networks that enable people to collaborate much more efficiently.  Since January 2010, Social Media Club Moscow has been helping to bring these benefits to Russia. And Russia has more to gain from the efficiencies of social media and other Internet-enabled virtualization technologies […]

Who is your tribe? Another take on relationship/tribal marketing

Two nights ago my husband took a nasty fall and split his head open (four inches across) all the way down to his skull. Some almost 40 stitches, 20ish tweets and several hours spent at ER, we made it home. What does this have to do with relationship marketing? I sent one tweet:  I immediately […]

Social Media Club May Webinar Recap: Curation Nation

Yesterday, Steven Rosenbaum joined our Social Media Book Club webinar which highlighted his title, Curation Nation as our May Book of the Month.    We had ten Professional members and chapter leaders read and review Curation Nation on behalf of Social Media Club, in an effort to share valuable resources with the SMC community and […]

How Social Media is Influencing Mothers

It used to be that if you needed instructions for something, you might grab a copy of the Dummies Guide to (insert issue here). Today, folks turn to social media. And moms in particular are becoming social media savvy. “Social media is crucial for moms these days,” says Kelby Carr, founder and CEO of Type-A-Parent. […]

Social Media Blogging: How to Create Effective Engagement

When you start to blog as part of a comprehensive social media and digital reputation strategy, you need to know your purpose. Your purpose in writing is not necessarily just a business sale – it can instead be intellectual persuasion, education, entertainment, or maybe it’s just a self-indulgent rant to blow off some steam (in […]

Don't Confuse Content Curation for Content Filtering

Recently, the topic of curation has entered a few conversations with colleagues and I wanted to cover how curation is influencing much of the content we’re consuming, and what the risks and rewards of curation are.  What is the difference in Curation vs. Filters?  Some people confuse content curation for content aggregators or filtering tools, […]

pARTicipation from TEDxMichiganAve

I had the honor of hosting and curating TEDxMichiganAve earlier this month, an independently organized TED event focused on the future of the arts industry with thirteen speakers from around the country dealing on everything from technology in the arts to arts education to sustainability practices within the industry. I was deeply touched by the applications […]

The Social Media Search Filter

I was really intrigued by the TED Talk given by Eli Pariser on “filter bubbles”. We know from such movies as Terminator that sometimes technology can get too smart for our own feeble human good. But as more and more companies, media conglomerates, mobile, application, and Web 2.0 users race towards hyper-local, geo-targeted selling and […]


Social Spring Cleaning: 3 steps to improve your social media experience

Ah, Spring:  the birds sing, flowers bloom, and your social presence glistens.  Wait, what’s that you say?  You haven’t touched your account settings or updated your network in eons?  If this is the case, then the following three steps will help you identify your goals for your social presence, holes in your professional profile, and who […]