Connecting to the arts

This month, researcher Devon V. Smith released a report for the Theatre Bay Area on how 207 arts organizations around the world are using social media. It has a tremendous amount of information, some intuitive and some suggestive. I highly recommend a full read for anyone invested in helping arts organizations with their growth in this […]

Resources for Advertising on Twitter

We’ve all seen Promoted Tweets go viral in a short amount of time, such as Toyota’s Prius Goes Plural and Virgin America’s Company Expansion into Canada, but do you have to be a Fortune 500 company to successfully advertise on Twitter?   The answer is no.  Many new third-party advertising platforms are coming out of […]

Microsoft Mango takes social living to a new level

As the presence of social media in our daily lives increases, we begin to depend more and more on our smartphones to keep us connected. That is why the news of a new Microsoft mobile operating system, to be introduced this fall, caught my eye. On May 24, the corporate giant announced the release of […]

Social Media for Publicity & Advertising: The DON’Ts

Continuing from my last article in the SMC Clubhouse about basic do’s of social media for publicity & advertising, I am covering the DON’Ts in this article. Quoting from that article, every campaign on social media runs on a thriving force of pre-set objective, be it a final sale or the brand perception. Depending on […]

A critical look at curation

Most thinking people are burdened by information overload. The disintermediation of traditional information gatekeepers (news media, doctors, government institutions, even real estate agents) by  social media has placed too much information at our disposal, and we now have a different relationship to it. We no longer have to look for information; instead we have to […]

Social Media Club Atlanta: Rebuilding on a stronger foundation

The great metropolis of Atlanta, torched to the ground by Sherman in 1864, is the iconic American rebirth story.  You can rise from the ashes and build something much bigger and stronger. Social Media Club Atlanta is now resurrecting itself, although it was felled by a structural flaw rather than an outside force.  And many […]

Social Media Club Swag Available to Professional Members

Social Media Club has an arsenal of T-Shirts that we’re putting up for sale. We’ve set up an Eventbrite page to handle T-Shirt sales, so please visit here to see the shirts and sizes we have available.  Selections are limited, and this is a first come-first served offering. All proceeds will go towards expanding our […]


Are we getting tired of social media?

Not necessarily, but it seems that we’re heading in a new direction. Perhaps it’s that we’re tired of the way social media exists in a more basic form. This is evident in the evolution of social channels. It’s already happened a few times over:  Remember when LiveJournal was all the rage? Think of how we […]

Always consider your online activity could be used in court

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the impact of what we post and say online.  Living in Orlando and watching the coverage of the high profile Casey Anthony trial that is currently going on here, I have been struck by how many times evidence from MySpace postings or Google searches has been discussed.  […]


What's Hot in Blogging: May 2011

The first week of every month, contributor Amy Phillips will recap what made waves in blogging for the previous month. Try as hard as I could I couldn’t come up with one theme for May. However, by far, the biggest story occurred less than a week into the month; the death of Bin Laden in […]