Social Media Book Club Webinar Recap: Get Seen

This week we hosted our Social Media Book Club webinar featuring Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business.   Garfield shared some examples of effective video bloggers, The Bui Brothers, his thoughts around Final Cut Pro X, along with a suggestion to follow Steve Martin, who does tutorials on […]


From Structure Society to Flow Society: An Introduction

When I sat out on a journey to be a monthly contributive editor for Social Media Club Editorial Team, I updated my profile here on SMC accordingly. I found some core themes in how I think and act in relation to this rapidly shifting and changing area we try to grasp, collaboratively and collectively in […]

Is Shopping Really Happening on Facebook?

What real shopping actions are being driven by Facebook, Twitter and other Social Platforms?  To answer this, we conducted a study in concert with and comScore to ask consumers directly what they were doing on these sites.  The study found that, among consumers who followed a retailer, there was a high likelihood take actions ranging from browsing […]

#BizForum Chat Hosts Social Media Master Patrick O'Keefe

Social Media Club, in conjunction with Sensei Marketing, is providing you the opportunity to engage with some of our Social Media Masters in advance of our five city tour which include Atlanta (August 26th), Los Angeles (September 9th), New York City (September 23rd), Toronto (October 7th) and Kansas City (October 21st).  You can join #bizforum, […]

Wandering Outside Your Social Media Brand

Consistent messaging and brand image is very important online. But, sometimes in your social media, you might want to wander outside your brand. Maybe the latest political issue has you steamed and you want to engage in political debate. Or, maybe a new life passion is bubbling up inside you and the audience or persona […]


E-reading: Transforming today’s book culture

When I first got my Droid, I was wrapped up in all things Internet and app. Nevermind the Kindle on there. I assumed that would collect dust.  I’m a book girl. I love the smell of pages, and the sea of bookshelves in my home. And wherever I go, I bring a book. So when […]


Netflix Lessons Learned: PR & Social Media Opportunity

By now you have heard about the new Netflix rates scheduled to hit this fall. Most likely you heard about it from angry friends and colleagues, and all of the bad press slamming Netflix for how they relayed the message to their customers. There were many customers who simply balked and terminated their service.  There […]

Survey: Employee & Brand Social Media Accounts, Do You Trust Them More or Less?

There’s been some conversation about trust related to employees of social brands engaging online and whether people trust those employees more or less. We’ve created a short anonymous survey to gather the insight of our community to better understand.  Of course, we love knowing the name and face behind a brands Twitter and Facebook page […]