Social Media Masters Conference Tours U.S. and Canada this Summer

Social Media Masters, the premier event series for advanced social strategies and tactics for leading brands and marketing professionals, announces five new events to the Summer/Fall 2011 calendar.    Beyond the Basics Social Media Masters has been designed for marketing and communications professionals who are tasked with integrating and driving growth via social media for complex […]

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Raise Money for Your Cause

Using social media to do social good isn’t a new concept. It’s a great way to get the word out about your cause. It uses what charities usually have more of (volunteers’ time) while spending little what they usually have the least of (money). But, can you do more than raise awareness with social media? […]

Social Introspection: Is Google+ Right for You?

 My name is Courtney, and I use a lot of Google products.  In the past week, I have used at least nine—probably more—but I only remember nine.  Which ones?  Let’s see: Gmail, Google Docs, Reader, Maps, Scholar, Talk, Translate, and Search.  Naturally, I got into Google+. I can’t help myself with social technologies:  I adopt […]

Just 5 years ago today, Twitter launched to public

Twitter has brought microblogging to the mainstream, and to think it was only launched 5 years ago.   July 15, 2006 was when Twitter opened to the public. Remember all those funny looks the early adopters were given, when they talked about ‘tweets’ and their ‘tweeps.’   Fast forward 5 years, this free microblogging service […]

Buying Social Media Services: Help Wanted

Social media is becoming a mainstream business expense however there are very few resources available to guide customers in how to purchase. Like any new industry, there is a wide range of options, a few so not ethical players in the mix, and overall, a very confused and stressed marketplace. After all, who likes buying when […]

Politics and Social Media: Winning Combination or (Another) Accident Waiting to Happen?

Similar to real estate, healthcare, travel and many other industries, politics is going through an interactive evolution.  It is not uncommon to see politicians using Twitter, blogs or YouTube to connect with their following.  Many believe social media played a major role in Barack Obama’s landslide victory in the 2008 Presidential Election.   On the […]

6 of the Best Social Media Campaigns Ever

Modern day narrative is written in the script of social media. You have to make your presence felt at social media platforms or soon you will be a non entity. Whether it is a marketing or political campaign, social media is the most preferred platform for the same.  From the inception of the social media […]

Social Media Book Club Webinar Recap: The Now Revolution

Last Friday, we hosted our Social Media Book Club webinar featuring Jay Baer, co-author of The Now Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smart & More Social.  Thanks to our Social Media Book Club partner, Wiley Publishing, we had ten Professional members and chapter leaders read and review The Now Revolution on behalf of […]


Google+: First Tips and Tricks

When Google+ opened for beta testers last Friday, I was privileged to start kicking the tires.  I was immediately sucked into playing on a new playground. “Ooo, what does this do?” “Ooo, shiney!” I was supposed to be leaving for a mini-vacation, but had a hard time tearing myself away. So, what’s a techno, self-proclaimed […]