Introducing October Themed Editorial Content: Healthcare

At the beginning of September, we lauched an expansion of our Social Media Club Editorial Team, by hosting guest bloggers to highlight a different vertical within social media.  The first week of each month we host themed content featuring true social media professionals who are in the trenches within their niche, with October featuring Healthcare related […]

Artistic Collaboration: Social Media and Sustainability Support Community Theatre

We social media types can make anything better. The power of messaging to the entire world can make things happen. Or in this case, just to your own neighborhood. The real power in social media isn’t what it does in cyberspace, but in meat space as it were. When that energy from all those bits and bytes pours into […]

Where Will We Find New Social Media Professionals?

Now that most companies have accepted social media as something they must do, where are all the social media practitioners and strategist going to come from? Most of the people who are good at those jobs have been snapped up by now. Colleges are still slow to put programs together for students to learn social media […]


Here comes the Flow Workers! With why and how in focus (whenever, wherever)

You are going to get notes on the where and when in this write-up on the Flow Society. The process is the point. The talking is the walk. That’s why. You’ve seen the two first steps of capturing the conversation themes in this article series on the #FlowSociety.  The first article, a general intro, that mentioned the societal flow of communication as to have a first clue […]

What Defines a Social Media Professional?

With social media being an integral part of our jobs, we pretty much know what it takes to be a professional. At the very least, it requires a fairly high level of engagement on a variety of social media channels. (This goes beyond a lot of RTs, as one wise editor pointed out.) I took […]

#BizForum Chat Hosts Social Media Master Sean Moffitt

Social Media Master Sean Moffitt will be joining #BizForum Chat on Wednesday, September 28th, 8pm to 9pm EDT to discuss, Realigning Corporate Decision Making.  Social Media Club, in conjunction with Sensei Marketing, is providing you the opportunity to engage with some of our Social Media Masters in advance of our five city tour which includes Atlanta (August 26th), Los Angeles (September 9th), New […]

“Me Time” Found: Restoring personal balance in a social age

For my article this month, I can’t tell you about Facebook’s new timeline or Google+’s photo privacy tools. I can’t tell you about the latest YouTube sensation or trending Twitter topic. I don’t even know where my friends were located in the past 24 hours: I never saw their check-ins. I think I forgot a […]


Ecommerce USA and Brazil – Similarities, Differences and Partnerships

After attending the recent 2011 Ecommerce Brasil event in beautiful and expansive Sao Paulo, I nearly immediately attended the leading ecommerce event in the USA, Shop.org’s Annual Summit.  In both cases, I could feel the pulse of innovation.  These were my people… the bold and fearless.  Those that swim out into the ocean looking for the big waves and riding […]

Annual f8 Summit Introduces New Facebook Changes

In the most hilarious event introduction I’ve seen, Andy Samberg – famous SNL cast member who often plays Mark Zuckerberg the NBC comedy skits – opened with a joke about online identity and insisted he was Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook *does* have a sense of humor.  In a packed house at the annual Facebook developer conference […]