Introducing November Themed Editorial Content: Professional Sports Organizaitons

At the beginning of September, we launched an expansion of our Social Media Club Editorial Team, by hosting guest bloggers to highlight a different vertical within social media.  The first week of each month we host themed content featuring true social media professionals who are in the trenches within their niche, with November featuring professional sports related […]

Chicago’s Startup Scene is Bringing Social to a Whole New Level

The funny thing when we talk about social media is that we often don’t take a step back to realize that the majority of our communication (aside from videos, images, etc.) is text on a screen of some sort. Well, that’s not very social now is it? As I’ve mentioned before, we’re almost missing a […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (10/27/11)

SOCIAL MEDIA WINE CLUB: WINE PARTY KITS     Working with our friends at VineCrowd, we’re featuring a new October #SMCWineParty in a box offer so you can stock up in time for the holidays! Wine Kits allow you to host a mixer for 12 people with 3 hand-selected wines from top boutique producers who keep their […]

Join Social Media Club Editorial Team

It’s been almost a year since we launched our SMC Editorial Team, which has been a great resource for our community members.    We’ve received a lot of inquiries from members across the globe interested in joining our editorial team, which is currently 30+ contributors strong and represents chapters from Sweden, India, The Netherlands, United […]

Your Company’s Social Media: A Job for the Intern?

You’ve probably heard this before: “Couldn’t we just get some interns to do that?” When it comes to a company’s social media, experts say it takes planning, authority, and company knowledge. Interns definitely can help with it, but too much control over branding could be a bad thing. At Billboard Magazine, interns work on many […]

Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Pitching Brands for Your Blog

There is a sometimes violent argument from some social media advocates about the idea of monetizing your blog activities. To the more hard lined, there is never an appropriate time to “sell out” your audience. They nobly cite editorial integrity, journalistic creeds, and the dangers of bias from being too close to the money when […]

Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (10/20/11)

  SOCIAL MEDIA BOOK CLUB OCTOBER WEBINAR Earlier this month we introduced our October Book Club selection, Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing by Neal Schaffer.  Join us for a deeper dive into this title with author Neal Schaffer, on Thursday, October 27th at 2pm EST, Register here! Our Social Media Book Club was launched in March 2011 […]

Should you have a social media policy?

  Yes, Your Company Should Have a Social Media Policy. No, It’s Not Just About Protection Any More. The latest figures show that most companies are engaging in some sort of social media activity today.  It’s very likely that nearly 100% of companies have employees using social media. But, how many of these companies have […]


How Will You Make Your Mark?

There are so many ways for social media to create goodwill for great causes. Whether social media is being used for community organizing, fundraising and donor relations, or raising awareness for any number of causes, organizations focused on social good have really found a home in social media. It makes online organizing, donations and community […]


Social Media Clubhouse Newsletter (10/14/11)

  SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERS HEADS KANSAS CITY The last stop in our Social Media Masters 2011 tour is Kansas City, taking place next Friday (October 21st).   As we wind down this five city tour, we want to thank the chapter leaders in and around Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto and Kansas City […]