Is your social media policy up to date?

As more small businesses and start ups are launching a social media presence, here are some important considerations to take before you proceed any further.  First, do you have a social media policy for your staff & have you trained them in best practices? It may seem like a no-brainer to some but as we’ve […]

Are You Getting the R.E.S.U.L.T.S You Want from your Social Media Strategy?

There are no shortcuts to success.   Success in life is always looking at the R.E.S.U.L.T.S. of your efforts and adapting and evolving as you continue to pursue your goals.   Take a look and ask yourself “Are You Getting the R.E.S.U.L.T.S You Want from Your social media Strategy. Recommit to Continuous Learning.  Learning doesn’t […]

Case Study: How IBM Does Social Business

There has been a lot of advanced conversation around the topic of ‘Social Business’ and it is gaining momentum because more large organizations are striving to put social at the core of their business.  On Friday, September 23rd, Kat Mandelstein, who leads global marketing at IBM shared an excellent case study with Social Media Masters NYC […]

Social Media and Crowdsourcing: Cons

As I wrote in my previous article about crowdsourcing and social media, Crowdsourcing has been successful in finding out a void in the market and creating a brand new market out of it on being applied properly through social media. But yet depending upon few factors the very idea of crowdsourcing done through social may […]

Declaratory Media Vs. Participatory Media

The highest and best uses of social media are not for business.  They are intensely personal.  This is never more clear than during moments of tragedy.  A few days ago, I awoke from a nap to find a breaking news banner across the lower third of my TV screen, and a troubled anchor saying Apple […]


Storytelling Through Photos

In the social media world, content is king and photos (or diagrams, graphs or illustrations) act as his crown and jewels. Photos are a great way to introduce your topic, break up an otherwise overwhelming amount of text, support and enhance your content.  Also, did you know a tweet containing a picture link often has […]

What if Social Media Never Changed?

By now everyone has probably seen the new Facebook changes. I’ll admit that I’m not an avid Facebook user, so it feels like every time I log on to the site I’m bombarded by something new that makes me wish for the old days when you had to have an .edu email address to use […]

Sweden: Uniquely Fertile Ground for Social Media Club

Swedish social media visionaries like Anders Abrahamsson found themselves dancing alone for the first few years as their more practical compatriots waited for the field to mature a bit.  However, Sweden now rivals the United States as the country with the most active Social Media Club chapters per capita, though the first formal chapter meeting […]


Social Media Through The Product Lifecycle

This guest blog is by Alex De Carvalho as part of our themed content hosted the first week of each month, with October focusing on healthcare.  Compared to other industries, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have historically been slow to market online, partly because of strict advertising regulations (FDA) and patient-privacy (HIPAA) laws. However, as new […]

User Privacy Policies in the News

In my last post I talked about the hot topic of who owns users’ geolocation data that apps collect.  This post I’m discussing what seems to be a perpetual hot topic: privacy.  The headlines over the last few weeks have shown to be particularly full of privacy headlines.  To start, the Federal Trade Commission announced […]