Social Media and the Organization – An Interview with Kathy Mandelstein

As Social Media matures, its impact on the organization expands to new functions.  This makes the management of the technology, content, platforms and increasingly challenging.  This is made even more complex by the fact that “the organization” is full of real human beings who are also social media users.  Our expectations are rising for our own digital interactions and also […]

Is Your Blog For Sale? 10 Questions to Answer before Using Affiliate Programs

Blogging can be grueling. It requires discipline, creativity, consistency, and dedication. Even after you’ve written the content, you still have to format it by adding interesting pictures, links, SEO tags, and more. Then, you have to promote it via social media, advertising, and paid/organic search. Let’s face it – it’s work! Maybe you’ve been writing awhile […]

Towards a Flow Society In Full – An Ode To The Past and Coming

Prelude (Andante):  Pow!  There it goes.  Well, almost – I mean –  2011.  And – Wow!  What a year.  Let’s make 2012 even better.  Like that. Pow-wow.  It has come to the time Beyond the approx. 13.7 billion years BBB (Beyond Big Bang)  To look back on the last twelve lunar orbits in 2011 To […]

The Best Holiday Social Media Campaigns of 2011

The holidays are a time when we seem to connect more with our communities and our fellow human beings. It’s a time of reflection. It’s a time when charities see the biggest lift in donations. It’s also the biggest marketing and promotional time of the year. In other words, it’s the most perfect time for […]


Peace on Earth …. Begins with YOU

This is the time of the season I get to do my imitation of Martha Stewart albeit, on an budget.  The Christmas lights go up, usually after a quick visit to our hardware store, the Christmas cards get written, the recipe books come out, and oh yes, there are plenty of hints for presents.   My […]

Happy Holidays from Social Media Club Global

More than twenty Social Media Club chapters from across the globe gathered together to wish you and yours a very safe and happy holiday season.  Thank you to San Diego, Buffalo, Phoenix, Lima, St. Louis, Madison, Cordoba, Hawaii, San Antonio, Breda, Chattanooga, Chicago, Almaty, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Pune, Evansville, Bahrain, Mumbai, Nashville and Long Island […]

Protecting privacy: What the Facebook/FTC settlement means for users

I’ve always found it kind of difficult to protect information on Facebook. Ideally, it wouldn’t be this hard. But with an endless assortment of ways to customize a profile, one can only hope your information reaches only your intended audience.  A recent settlement between Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission aims to change how user […]


A flexible organizational structure works best in Auckland

Thoughts of New Zealand generally conjure up spectacular landscapes complete with smoking volcanoes, abrupt mountains, relentless glaciers, stunning fiords, and odd flightless birds.  This primordial backdrop made the perfect natural movie set for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But what I will always associate New Zealand with is entirely manmade.  As the first developed […]

Social Media Policy: Setting Up the Appropriate Model

According to a report by eMarketer, 4 out of every 5 computer users use social media platforms actively. Under such an influence, it is quite easy to depict the scene of requirement of a social media policy inside an organization, even though some of these organizations may never have considered social media within their direct […]

Are there cultural differences in social media?

As ashamed as I am to admit it, I am very simple-minded when it comes to cultural differences.  I have been outside of my home country once; I traveled to Fulda, Germany, in 2009 for a two week study abroad trip during college.  It may have opened my eyes to cultural diversity when I was […]