Meet The Super Bowl 46 "Online Street Team"

This is a guest post by Chris Theisen, Director of Digital Communication for FlexPAC and part of the #social46 initiative created by the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee. If you are a football fan and reading this you probably already know that Tim Tebow set a record for the most tweets per second in America, earlier in the playoffs. While Tebow’s popularity has […]


Social Media & The Law: 5 Hot Topics in 2012

Happy new year, Social Media Club members.  Given the recent protest over the SOPA and PIPA acts via web blackouts of sites like Wikipedia, 2012 is looking to be another banner year of interesting issues at the intersection of the law and social media.  I thought it would be fitting to offer my predictions as […]

Why Niche Social Profiles Are a Huge Opportunity for Community Managers

If you take a step backwards and distill the social news over the past few months, you may arrive at few trends and overall takeaways from the way social media platforms have evolved, how people use them and how marketers are finding success with different strategies. One overarching theme prevails: Things are getting more personal […]

Social Media Meets the Aloha Culture in Hawaii

The island paradise of Hawaii rounded out the stars on the U.S. flag at 50 in 1960, and it remains the union’s most unique member.  Hawaii is the most ethnically and racially diverse state, the southernmost state, and the only state not part of the North American continent.  Globally, its islands, islets and atolls comprise […]

10 Step Process for Creating a Kick Butt Social Media Strategy

Most of us are pretty close to convinced that we need to be on social media to market ourselves and our business. Some of you have put your toe in the water, polished up your LinkedIn account, maybe played around with Twitter. Perhaps you’ve set up a Facebook fan page and upload a video or […]


Digital Learning Day – Feb. 1 – Promotes Learning and Classroom Innovation through Technology

More than 680,000 students and 33 states will be participating in events organized around national Digital Learning Day on Wednesday, February 1.   The Digital Learning Day initiative was created to demonstrate how technology can be used to deliver high-quality instruction in grades K – 12, share examples of innovative education programs using technology, and provide […]


Pew Research Says 17% of Adults Use Restaurant Review Sites

I’ve covered tourism and restaurants for a long time. My approach to finding new venues to explore – and in this case, new restaurants to eat – has always been simple.  I like to ask the locals.  It goes something like this, “Hi, I’m not from around here. Can you recommend a good place to […]

How To Measure Social Media Engagement

Some things just don’t like to be measured. How can you quantify how cute your baby is, or scientifically determine how much you love Monday Night Football?  At first glance, “engagement” seems like one of those unmeasurable things. It’s a fuzzy concept to start, with none of the hard-line numbers that accompany ad campaigns or […]


The Process of Creating a Social Media Policy

As I wrote in my last Article, irrespective of the type whether it’s a ‘Floating’ or ‘Fixed’ every social media policy should be propelled through a filtered process of certain steps to ensure the best yield. Just like any other policy, the end goal of a social media policy for an organization is simply to […]

Sweden Uses Twitter to Highlight Country's Diversity

Sweden is taking a different approach to showcasing the cultural diversity of their country, by allowing different Swedes to tweet under the Official @Sweden account, which is usually operated by VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute. In an article published by The Lede last week, they shared how each week a new Swedish citizen tweets on behalf of the […]