15 Reasons to Make Friends with an SEO Pro

If they met at a party, it would be easy to introduce them: “Social media, meet search engine optimization. SEO, this is social media. You guys have a lot in common.” But in real life, it’s a little tougher getting social media and SEO together. The disciplines have grown up separately, and both sides are […]


New Google+ Notifications Improve Engagement

Google+ has made engagement with others just a bit easier. It used to be that if you wanted to read or respond to something on Google+, you had to log in to do so.  But early this month, Google+ added some new functionality – reading comments, responding to threads and adding +1s – to Gmail […]


Social Media Club Expanding Global Board of Directors. Apply Now!

When we launched Social Media Club in March of 2006, I could name less than 10 companies that had a corporate blog. Only 1 of them was producing video on a regulr basis. None of them had a Community Manager on staff. Twitter was a fun way to connect with 15 of your closest ‘techie’ […]


The New Black in Social Media?

A growing tendency right now, that I’ve seen several times is to reduce your personal networks and pull it down to around 100-200 people, a clear social trend which goes back to the small 1800 century villages that rarely contained more than 150 people and where all knew everyone, and perhaps even a relative to […]

The Role Social Media in Sales (Part 1)

Landy Chase and Kevin Knebl begin their book “The Social Media Sales Revolution:  The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking” with a story about a successful sales person who increasingly found it difficult to achieve the same high level of sales with the strategies he was using. […]

The Top 250 Internet Retailers on Social Media from Campalyst

The folks over at Campalyst put together a nice infographic highlighting the top brands on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest that breaks it out not only by the social network being used, but by the industry they represent too. Infographic by Campalyst The piece I find most interesting is the number of followers each […]

LinkedIn & Slideshare – a Delightful Marriage for the Online Professional & Company

Social media platforms on the web are somewhat schizophrenic – some are focused on consumers, some are focused on business and some just do not seem to know what they want to do when they grow up.  We typically acknowledge Facebook as ever focused on the consumer and their pages for businesses, local merchants, brands […]

Social Media Industry Report 2012 Highlights

Passionate people all have something that they enjoy looking forward to.  Football fans love Super Bowl Sunday, music lovers are already planning for next year’s Coachella Festival and social media marketers can’t wait to read the annual Social Media Industry Report.   The Social Media Examiner published the 2012 Social Media Industry Report on April […]


The Future of Mobile Payments

First people feared giving your credit card number over internet versus giving it to an operator on the phone…now we are using the phone to swipe your credit card via an online app. Funny how things become so easily integrated. According to Pew Research, “Within the next decade, smart-device swiping will have gained mainstream acceptance as […]