6 Must Have Travel Apps for Summer

It’s summertime! You know what that means? It’s time for a vacation, but between working full-time, juggling active kids and doing endless amounts of yard work, who has time to plan?  Fortunately there are many apps available to help you before, during and after your trip.  Check out these six must have travel applications: TipList […]

The Broken Brand Promise: Progressive

Dear Progressive: Saul Bellow wrote a novel, Herzog, in which the hero occupied his time writing angry letters to public figures. I really don’t have time to do that, but the customer experience I just had has provoked my literary spirit. It’s restless, so here goes: I am your auto insurance customer. I love you because you are always helpful, sympathetic, professional, […]


3 Steps to Measuring Your Social Marketing Campaign with Google Analytics

In order for you to specifically track the fruits of your social marketing labor, you must identify where your website visitors are coming from online. By using the Urchin Tracking Module, better known as UTM codes, you are able to tag links to your promotional content and to track your performance at every point of […]


10 Tips on How to Establish a Guest Blogging Policy

Content is significant to every brand and their marketing strategy — but content creation takes time, effort, planning, and well-equipped writers. Some brands have the staff to write and whip out content continuously, while others seek outside sources. And some prefer both. When hiring guest bloggers to write for your brand, there are a few […]

Let Buddypress Outdo Facebook

The other week, once again we saw “the biggest IPO” game played – the Facebook. It’s all about billions. Dollars, and approaching that number of users, making it the first social service on the web attracting a billion and beyond.  At the same time, now being on the stock market, there is an obvious risk […]


Adam Helweh: Self-Taught Social Media Powerhouse

Today we introduce a new series of articles that will be an exciting addition to the Social Media Club. The articles, penned by award-winning Silicon Valley tech and fiction writer Dan Holden, profile some of the leading influencers in social media today. But instead of being the typical biographical profile you’re likely to hear at […]