Buyosphere CEO Tara Hunt: Massive Whuffie Trumps An Unclear Path

[Editor’s note: This is another in a series of profiles of social media influencers presented by the Social Media Club. The profiles seek to explore how social media influencers around the world became involved in social media, what makes them tick, and where they are going from here.]  In the social media world, newcomers are […]


Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Like any consumer, you know what you want to see in your inbox. Spam immediately will be deleted.  Useful items may be kept around for a little bit. If the item is especially good, it might even be saved into a folder for future reading.  So a company must be strategic in its email marketing […]

Graduation Commencement Speeches Worth Spreading

June happens to be a fabulous month and for me, the prelude to an amazing summer I plan with my family and friends.  June is a time to go to as many garden centers and home garden shows as I can, listen to a number of commencement speeches that make their rounds via Twitter, email […]


The War Over Your Child’s Social Profile

There’s been a lot of talk about revamping the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, originally passed in 1998, to reflect the realities of our social media age.   Many legislators, who voted for the law back when websites were a new thing, want to give COPPA more teeth. This includes updates to ensure social, apps, mobile […]

A Lesson of Learning in Social Mis-steps on a Global Scale

*sigh*  This is my usual reaction when I see a post or comment that crosses that line in social media that is decidedly un-social, rude or outside the boundaries of a civil discourse.  I get use it at least once a day, particularly when I am taking in the daily dose of news from the […]

Announcing the 2012-2013 Social Media Club Board of Directors

We are pleased to introduce the new Social Media Club Board of Directors and Executive Committee for 2012/13.  The newly expanded Board has increased to 11 members and they are enthusiastic to continue with the progress from the past year. We received a healthy number of applicants applying for seats, and after much review and discussion, […]

Are You Making One of these 5 Blogging Mistakes?

There are millions and millions of blogs living in the blogosphere.  Sadly, only a handful of blogs get regular readership.  The problem is blogs are so easy to start up, but not as easy to build up.  Many bloggers don’t know what they are getting themselves into after they have an account and blog address.   […]

SoLoMo is changing your relationship to the world. Gimbal is mutating it.

SoLoMo is shorthand for Social, Local and Mobile. Almost every app you see and use has elements of SoLoMo. They are mobile. They connect us to some aspect of social media. And they relate to your location. How our mobile devices connect us socially to our surroundings has long been the vision of where our world is […]

Will Your Brand Be Destroyed by Social Media?

It is easier than ever for brands to be created or destroyed by social media. To demonstrate this quickly, I picked a brand at random and used Twitter’s new search tools to find out what people were saying about it. Because I know that pharmaceutical companies are generally behind in their use of social media […]