Spreading Lies: Has Social Media Made You Too Trusting?

Social media means we always have the latest news at our fingertips. How many times have you learned about a big news event or even celebrity death through a tweet or Facebook update long before you heard it on a traditional news source? And how many times have you passed that news along, not knowing […]

BlogHer Recap: “How to Price and Value Your Services”

One of the most highly anticipated and well-attended sessions of Day Two at BlogHer ’12 was the panel on pricing. Figuring out how to monetize a site is a big question for many bloggers, and the speakers didn’t pull punches. The panel was moderated by Monica Barnett, “Blueprint for Style,” and featured Amy Bradley-Hole, who […]

BlogHer Recap: “Protecting Your Blogging Rights, Respecting Those of Others”

The second day of BlogHer ’12 found crowds of seasoned and newbie bloggers pouring in to this session, featuring a panel of attorneys discussing everything from copyright to fair use to FTC guidelines. The panel was moderated by award-winning writer and BlogHer.com contributing editor Lisen Stromberg, “PrismWork.” The attorneys – all bloggers – included Divya […]

BlogHer Recap: “10 Things You Can Do Now to Maximize Your Social Media Expertise”

This was one of the first sessions at the BlogHer ’12 conference, Aug. 2 – 4 in Manhattan, and it was jam-packed with bloggers who wanted to learn how to position themselves to work with brands, find a healthy balance between blogging and professional and personal demands, and promote their blogs on social media.  The […]

Social Media "Club Lounge" at dmexco – let's connect!

This is a guest post from Doris Schuppe who is on the Social Media Club Munich Chapter Leadership team.  — Yay: For the first time there will be a Social Media “Club Lounge” at dmexco 2012 in Cologne! dmexco is the international leading expo & conference for the digital industry.  The Social Media “Club Lounge” will […]

SMC France chooses quality over quantity with invitation-only membership

In heaven—so goes an old joke told at international business meetings—the policemen are British, the cooks are French, the lovers are Italian, the technology is German, and it’s organized by the Swiss.  In hell, the policeman are German, the cooks are British, the lovers are Swiss, the technology is German, and it’s organized by the […]


Learn How These Top Colleges Are Integrating Social Media

My eighteen year old sister types papers on an iPad, has a Tumblr blog, Tweets everyday, and knows the latest music and fashion via Pinterest and blogs before most. A newbie freshman about to enter a college in Boston – she expects her college to keep up and be ahead of the curve when it […]


The 10 Commandments of Social Media

This is part of Caitlin’s social media manager series, dedicated at ways to help social media managers improve their tactics, tools and best practices to make them more effective. You can follow all Caitlin’s editorial contributions here.  Thou shalt not lose sight of the fact that you are not a God. In social media, it’s […]

Small Business Marketers and Connected Viewers

It’s 7 o’clock on a Tuesday night, you are watching your favorite TV sitcom.  You are laughing and enjoying yourself… then it cuts to a commercial.  There is nothing more annoying than commercials, right?  So to pass the three-minute interval, you pick up your smartphone to check your email or play your turn on Words […]

Social Media Club 2012 Census Results

Social Media Club has just completed our annual census and we are pleased to share the results with you now.  Our community continues to expand and in the last year we added 28 new Chapters (total of 346), and are now in 56 countries (increase from 49 last year) on six continents. High growth areas for […]