There’s An App For That (or Not): The Role of Mobile Apps in The 2012 Election

If the outcome of the 2008 presidential election resulted from the Obama campaign’s use of social media, then what technology has defined the 2012 race? The 57th quadrennial presidential election is less than a week away, and I can’t help but wonder what the winning technological tactic will be this year. Are voters turning to […]


Turn Social Media Failures Into Learning Opportunities

For the past couple of years, social media has been at the center of attention for customers, employees and brands alike. Everyone seems to be finally jumping in, but not everyone understands how social media should be used, who should be using it or when they should use it. As the cluetrain manifesto said many years ago, we […]

Marketers: You Must Disclose Your Relationships With Advocates, Clients and Sponsored Content

The subject of disclosure has been a hot button topic, particularly in today’s fast evolving social media world. In August, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association released its WOMMA Disclosure Guide, which outlines directives for marketers sending sponsored messages to consumers within social media. Some of the online platforms covered in the new guide include […]

New to Twitter Chats, Here’s How to Begin

One of my projects in the last month has been to learn how Twitter can extend the educational conversation. Twitter, for me, has always felt like a one way conversation pushing out content to an empty space; not terribly inspiring or motivating. So how does one make Twitter interactive, introduce Twitter Chats? The purpose of […]

New Venues for Virtual Storytelling

Twitter, the social platform that restricts writers to 140-characters-per-post, has announced it wants to spread its wings by sponsoring the Twitter Fiction Festival, a five-day virtual storytelling event to be held in November. “Twitter is a place to tell stories,” Andrew Fitzgerald, of Twitter’s media team, explains on the Twitter blog. “Often those stories are […]

The Digital Revolution And The Digital Evolution: Part One

This has to be one of the more complex subjects I have ever written about. Not many people are ready to except the truth that the digital revolution is over, they think it’s still yet to come. For us early adopters, there’s no question about it at all. But, I can’t refuse this challenge – not for […]

The Dark Social Rises

I was having my coffee outside Sunday morning, scrolling through my Twitter feed, and I saw a tweet from The Atlantic to an article about Dark Social. Confession, when I initially saw the title I thought ”Dark Social…BATMAN!” But then I clicked through and started reading. What I found was an article that has dropped […]


Social Media Gamification: Should You Play

Have you ever felt the excitement of earning a new badge in foursquare? Don’t you feel lucky when you take a look at those retired badges you’ve earned on foursquare?  I think it is safe to say we all do, as they are limited to only a few people who met specific requirements on foursquare. […]

The Visual Revolution on Social Networks

The social web is becoming more and more visual. Twitter, which began with mundane tweets about lunch, is now the go-to social network for millions wanting relevant information in real-time. Social mediums like Pinterest and Instagram are struggling for the same respect. While it took several years for Twitter to achieve status, visual networks are […]