Get to Know Google Authorship for Social Media

Whether it’s Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or even 50 Shades of Grey (hey, I’m not judging), we’ve all had the experience of discovering a great new author and wanting to share their books with others. Now everyone searching and sharing on the web can have the experience of discovering amazing new authors – […]

It’s Illegal To Ask For Passwords in California

Residents of California can all breathe a little easier now. Gov. Jerry Brown has declared it illegal for employers to ask for access to the social media and email accounts of employees and job applicants. Assembly Bill 1844 has been called a “preemptive measure,” protecting citizen’s freedom of speech and right to privacy behind what […]

Social Media October Book Club: Social TV by Mike Proulx and Stacey Shepatin

Please register here on GoToMeeting for our October Book Club selection for Social Media Club Members, Social TV by Mike Proulx and Stacey Shepatin. Mike Proulx (Twitter: @McProulx) is a Senior Vice President and the Director of Social Media at Hill Holliday, a renowned advertising agency based in Boston, where he leads a team with a focus […]


Customer Service is Broken – Can Social Media Fix It?

With increasing consumer demands on brands to engage with them in social media, it’s no longer acceptable for businesses to treat sites like Facebook and Twitter as just content; social media now must be deeply integrated into customer service strategy. A big testimonial for that comes from the man whom Bloomberg Businessweek described as “the […]

KitchenAid Tweet on Political Debate Under Firestorm

The biggest social media news to come out of last night’s first Presidential debate was not about the number of people watching or live-tweeting the debate, but about one brand’s tweet problem.   Cynthia Soledad is the head of the KitchenAid brand team and has issued a public apology on their Facebook page, but no owning […]

Who Owns Your Social Media Account?

The impact of social media is being felt in many aspects of users’ daily lives, and is also generating interesting questions about how this impact will play out in the future. One question that has loomed large in the headlines is that of what happens to a user’s social media account when he or she […]

Second Screen Experiences and Why They Work

  Nowadays more and more people are multitasking while watching TV in their living rooms and bedrooms. The laptop is open, the iPad is flipped up, and the smartphone is more of an experience than a phone. People are tweeting, get glueing, checking in, posting, and more. Why only watch a tv show, a sports […]


Reddit’ing, Writing & Arithmetic: Are Schools Teaching the Right Lesson When They Block Social Sites?

  If you think you have a tough time accessing YouTube at work, consider what’s happening in U.S. schools, where restrictive filtering blocks students from websites, social media and blogging platforms.     Even teachers and school librarians aren’t permitted to access legitimate reference sites and academically useful social networking tools on behalf of students […]