How To Deal With a Hate Blog

Now that anyone can be a publisher online, some people with a bone to pick are bound to create hate blogs – blogs created just to spew venom at the person, company or brand they hate. As a social media professional, sooner or later you’re bound to have to deal with one. Here are some […]

How to Do Precision Marketing – @sandraz co-author of Precision Marketing

 In this high definition show, Sandra Zoratti, who heads global marketing for Ricoh, and is the co-author of the book Precision Marketing, share tips on how YOU can create your own precision marketing program. (Click the button in the lower right to maximize the window for optimal viewing.) In this show, you’ll learn: How the […]

A picture is worth a thousand words: Infographics 101

by Ethan Parry What is an infographic? An infographic is a visual representation of data or information. [1] Why use them? Have you ever heard the saying, ‘ a picture is worth a thousand words’?  It’s true.  Nearly 83% of all learning is visual[2] and some individuals say that 93% of communication is nonverbal [3].    […]

Instagram: Share Your Brand not Only Your Lunch

Happy 1 year anniversary to Instagram on being bought by Facebook for $1 billion dollars. In today’s social media focused world, we’re constantly being bombarded with messages, advertisements, and calls to action. Visual content grabs our short attention span much faster than a well written article or blog posts. If social media is meant to […]

April 2013 SMC Book Club Webinar: Opting In with Ed Brill

Replay of this webinar is available on Slideshare Video for our April Book Club selection for Social Media Club Members, Opting In by Ed Brill. Join the Social Media Club for our April Book Club Webinar on Thursday, April 25th at 10 am PST (1pm EST) with Ed Brill, the author of Opting In. Hosted […]

What’s in a name? Name Your Facebook Page Carefully

Business owners and Facebook Page administrators must choose their facebook page names wisely, or risk difficulty down the road. Facebook’s Page Name Guidelines provide some direction for establishing a page name, including using proper grammar and avoiding superfluous descriptions. But often, and by the time page administrators realize their page needs to be renamed, it’s too late. It used to be entirely impossible to change […]

Influencers Versus Advocates—Who Really Matters?

Tiger Woods endorsed Buick for years. Your friend doesn’t stop talking about Apple’s iPhone. Who has the most influence on your purchase decision, Tiger or your friend? Most likely your friend—do you really think Tiger Woods drives a Buick? I doubt it. Tiger Woods is an influencer and your friend is an advocate. The terms […]

"What's Your Green Goldfish?" with Stan Phelps of @9inchmarketing

In this week’s show, Stan Phelps, CEO of 9 Inch Marketing — the average distance between the heart and brain, sits down with the show host to discuss themes from this new book “What’s Your Green Goldfish?” In this show, you will learn: Why taking care of employees grows profits The critical importance of new […]


Being B2B and Socially Savvy

  Why do so many people think B2B’s don’t get social media? Well, have we proven them wrong yet? True, an increasing numbers of businesses in the B2B world use social media, but the number pales in comparison to the numbers who still don’t get it. Companies going about it in the right way are […]

Are You Doing the Most Important Thing to Increase Engagement?

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T back in the early 1900s, he told his customers that they could have it painted any color they liked, so long as it was black.  His statement worked because back then, people were just happy to get a car at all, there was almost no competition for people […]