Social Business ROI Secrets, Revealed: “Opting In” with IBM’s Ed Brill (Part 2)

In Social Business ROI Secrets, Revealed: Opting In with IBM’s Ed Brill (Part 1) we covered some best practices and key takeaways on how to successfully run a business using social tools and work strategies. These practices and key takeaways come form Ed Brill, IBM’s Director of Mobile Enterprise Marketing and author of Opting In: Lessons […]

Young & Rubicam's 90th Anniversary & CEO David Sable's advice for Startups [Video]

Young & Rubicam celebrated its 90th year in business by inviting people around the world to join them in a social conversation that filled a Clear Channel Spectacolor Billboard at NY’s Times Square this Thursday. The billboard was populated with their profile pictures across a mosaic based on their tweets under the hashtag #AdvertisingIs. The […]

B2B from AtoZ – Digital Marketing with Bill Blaney

In this episode of the TV on the Web show, Marketing Made Simple TV, (best viewed in Full Screen mode) Bill Blaney, author of B2B AtoZ sits down with show host Jeff Ogden to discuss insights on B2B marketing today. If you’re a b2b marketer, sales leader or business owner, this show’s for you. In […]

Teenagers: Why You Should Care About Your Digital Footprint

Social networking is an exciting way to stay informed, grow relationships and have fun. An often forgotten point is that with social networks come preferred practices, things you should know about your privacy and how your digital footprint can be affected. Whether it’s your first day on Facebook or you’ve been on forever and have […]

Class of 2013: Learn to Follow if you want to Lead

The title is as true for life as it is for Social Media, “great leaders come from those who learned to follow first”. Leadership is not taught in a classroom, it begins during the higher education experience and develops when you become a part of a student group, club, internship or work in student affairs. […]


+1, Try +41 by Ethan Parry

In the world of social media, we have shares, likes, tweets and +1s. The latter is used on Google’s social network, Google+. I must admit that I haven’t been the most active on Google+, but after reading this article I decided that I should at least create a page for the company where I work. […]

Why Isn't My E-Mail Being Opened?

You do everything right.  You send a weekly or monthly email newsletter to your clients and customers, When it comes to content, you’re sharing and writing great stuff.   But, your email is still not getting opened.  You feel like all you are doing is banging your head against a virtual wall with no results, and […]

Insights from The CMO Club Innovation Summit – @MargaretMolloy

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, Margaret Molloy, Chief Marketing Officer of Velocidi sits down with host Jeff Ogden and shares key take-aways from The CMO Club Innovation Summit in NYC. Learn what’s on the minds of leading CMOs today. Margaret Molloytoday in this very informative show.[/caption] Specifically, you’ll learn: 1) Why CMOs […]


Are the Four Ps of Marketing Obsolete in the Digital Age?

The Four Ps: Price, Product, Place and Promotion are the foundation of traditional marketing.  They have endured for decades. However, if the authors of a recent article found in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) are to be believed, their time has passed.  While many people might read the article and say that all they’ve done […]


Social Media, Crisis Communication and the News

Life often throws us curveballs, events that seem to come out of nowhere. Whether you are an individual or a business, social media can be used to help mitigate any problem. However, if used incorrectly, social media can make a bad situation even worse. Ready.gov stresses the importance of having a crisis communication plan by […]