Video Content – Is your Brand on Board?

The best video camera – the one you have with you. Whether it’s the video function on your phone, Vine, or the latest, Instagram video – video is a form of content that both consumers and brands alike are having not just fun with, but utilizing to express themselves.  Is video right for your brand, […]

Instagram, the next Vine?

In October 2012, Twitter acquired Vine. Vine is a mobile app that allows users to create and post videos, called “vines”, which can only be a maximum length of six seconds. Since its debut, Vine has seen its fair share of success. According to SimplyMeasured, an analytics company, there was one week where over 100,000 […]

Sharing is Caring

Content creation is incredibly important these days.  It’s all the rage and all that people are talking about lately.  Needing to create video, audio, picture, and text content is so important to that ever elusive rank on Google that we have all become content creators.  Whether it’s the blog we write complaining about a company […]


Why Is Facebook less Popular with Teenagers?

Is the decline of Facebook only a matter of time?  Perhaps.  According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, 95% of teens are online to some degree and that number has been consistent since 2006.  Reports from multiple sources indicate that kids, especially teenagers, are moving away from Facebook in favor of other […]

How to Engage Fans and Followers – Marc Fischman of Hyperactivate

In this special episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, Marc Fischman of Hyperactivate discusses how to best engage your brand’s followers in this fun and engaging video. And please check out the link at the top of the show to learn more about Activating Fans and Followers. Just click “Yes, please.” In this show, you […]


Internet Memes for Business: The Good, the Bad…and the Grumpy

Chances are you have seen an Internet meme by now, especially if you spend any time on social media. Grumpy Cat rules the Internet in much the same way most cats rule their houses. Most people enjoy memes, and for a good reason. Typical memes, by design, appeal to the 12-year-old in all of us […]

MySpace, the Social Network that Keeps Coming Back

Five years ago, one may have been able to walk into a high school and find a select few who were using this social networking site. I remember hearing some of my classmates talk about it, but didn’t really care too much to investigate further. I eventually signed up for account, but it didn’t last […]

What's the Future of Business? – @briansolis

In this show (click the button in lower right for full screen), noted thought leader and futurist Brian Solis sits down with show host Jeff Ogden for an interesting discussion on the future of business in this fast-changing world. Brian is also author of the new book, What’s the Future of Business?“ In this show, you’ll […]


Making the Right Social Media Connections

by Bill Corbett Jr.  There is much debate about who to connect with on social media sites. Without fail whenever I give a workshop on LinkedIn or Social Media I get the questions. Who should I connect with?  Should I connect with somebody I don’t know?  What is the advantage of connecting with people I […]

"Advertising is Great Story-Telling" Young and Rubicam CEO David Sable

    In this show, David Sable, Global CEO of the huge Young and Rubicam advertising agency speaks with Jeff Ogden of Marketing Made Simple TV. In this show, you’ll learn.  Daid Sable[/caption] Why even a 90 year old firm has to act like a start-up and reinvent itself Why good advertising is really good story-telling […]