Micro-Social Networking: The Future of Social Media?

Screenshot from Line’s website Call it a phase, despite enhanced privacy features now we hate sharing personal stuffs on Facebook but not on a platform enabling a direct one to one interaction to the closed ones. Most of us even hate leaving a direct message on someone’s FB wall or even a direct tweet unless […]

10 Tips to Create a Tumblr Blog

When you decide to jump into the sea of blogging, planning is important. Many brands choose tumblr and there are many great reasons to do so – including the built in community, which already lives on tumblr (not found anywhere else), the ability to discover content easily, and the paid options only available within tumblr. […]

How Kids Can Be Safe on Social Media

Recently, I have become very interested, even concerned, with how social media may be used or more precisely, misused, by our children. Our daughter will be turning eight next month and she’s already pretty good at navigating the web. That makes me a little proud, but also a little worried. When my wife’s cell phone […]

5 Tips for Community Management

You maintain connections offline via phone calls, text messages, and meetings. It’s the same online. Human needs are the same and continuous flow of information is required if we want to keep virtual communities alive and engaged. I want to share some tips with you which are working for me while maintaining three virtual communities […]


The Do's and Don'ts of Your Profile

In personal branding and business marketing it is vital to have an effective online presence. Your profile projects who you are and serves as the foundation of your personal brand. Your profile must initiate the best possible impression and be the conduit for the messages you and your organization need to deliver. Having a well written […]

Why Your B2B Company Lost a Follower

People used to consider B2B to be the “red-headed stepchild” of social media. Well, okay… many people still think of B2B this way. In the past couple of years, some of the largest companies have broken through their traditional stereotypes. For example, IBM has a well-maintained and current Facebook page. Only 248K people “Like” their […]

Why Social Customer Service Falls Behind

As customers, we expect a lot from companies who use social media to respond to customer service issues.  Scratch that. We expect ALL companies to be responsive when we go to them via social media. Recent studies from Ambassador and Social Bakers reveal how mismatched our expectations are with reality. Consider what we expect: 71% […]

Why It Is Hard Blogging About Myself (Or, Finding The “Me” in The Story)

As a longtime journalist, I’ve written thousands of stories. Closest to my heart is breaking business news about people and companies, and specifically within the tourism and hospitality industry. My freelance career also has included blogging for years, covering arts and culture in and around Washington, DC and San Diego for Examiner.com. Currently, I ghost […]

5 Tips to Use Social Media to Find a Job

I read many stories about social media impacting the workplace. Most revolve around how social media impacts the employee or even the potential employee. Very little show the possible impact on the company, unless it’s to say how they use social media when recruiting or researching information about potential employees. According to the U.S. Department […]

Employees: Your Powerful Marketing Force

Chelsea Hickey is a marketing manager at Zuberance. Tweet her at @chelsearhane. Employee advocates are uniquely qualified to serve as brand advocates because they are highly credible trusted sources for information about companies and their products and services. An advocate is typically, but not always, a customer who is willing to recommend your product or […]