How Facebook Graph Search Benefits Your Brand

Rachael Genson is an Account Executive at INK in Austin, Texas. Tweet her at @rmgenson. Facebook recently rolled out its new Graph Search feature to all English speaking users; and while its functionality for the average user is apparent after almost eight months of being in beta, all of us community managers are wondering what […]

3 Tips to Increase Twitter Followers

My Twitter handle, @EthanParry3, currently has 63 followers. Although that number is quite small, many of my followers have much more. Thousands. What is the secret to having more Twitter followers? Is getting more friends on Twitter an art or a science? I could beg and plead with people to follow me, but there are […]

Social Marketing Shift: The Story of Now

Laurent Blondeau is the CEO of Buzzed-In and shares thoughts about social marketing behaviors for new customer experiences. You can tweet him at @evidencesx. Marketing is changing and I want to share a list about exploding audiences, collaboration, and brand footprints in the web marketplace. Connect to customers: I think it’s in the title. If […]

The Working Vacation: The New Normal?

Craig Yaris is the chief social marketer at Social Ribbit. He can be reached at @CraigEYaris. I am in Florida right now. I am meeting clients and investigating the possibility of an additional office to serve my clients better. But, while I’ve been here, part of my plan was to take a vacation. I haven’t […]


5 Links From Last Week to Love

Ethan Parry is a public relations professional who is particularly passionate about social media, SEO, and content development topics. Tweet him at @ethanparry3. In the first of T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets,” Burnt Norton, he said, “Distracted from distraction by distraction.” This holds very true to the time we live in. We have so many different […]

Introducing @SlimSurveys: Mobile-Friendly Micro Surveys That People Love

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post by Rodney Rumford, co-founder of SlimSurveys. He and his colleagues also founded TweetPhoto which grew to over 40 million users and was acquired by Lockerz, a Kleiner-Perkins company. Social Media Club is partnering with SlimSurveys to offer complimentary access to SMC chapters. Most businesses want and need feedback […]

My First Live Blogging Experience

Audrey Schroder is a social media marketing strategist for electronic cigarette company Vapor4Life. Tweet her at @audreyschroder. Image used by permission. Last month I was asked to be an “official live blogger” for SocialMedia.org’s fourth BlogWell Chicago conference.  Talk about an exciting opportunity! I never “live blogged” before, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to […]