A Day in the Life of a Community Manager

We as a community manager wear so many hats during a day. Working hours are limited and we have to do our best to keep our fans/ followers engaged and glued to our community. We are good jugglers indeed! Let’s have a sneak peak at what exactly a community manger goes through during 8-10 working […]

How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags were first known on Twitter for grouping conversations in one stream related to topics, events, brands, and more. They’ve since become utilized across other channels like Instagram, tumblr, and Facebook. There are differences for each channel and best practices for each. Twitter: Try not to use more than 2 to 3 hashtags (preferably 1 […]


Social as the Customer Experience Watchtower

Early warning signals have helped us avoid damaging natural disasters or workplace catastrophes, so why not use the ones available to us for avoiding customer experience disasters? The way customers seek help is changing, thanks in some part to how inefficient many of the traditional methods have become.  The growing percentage of customers who prefer […]

6 Tips to Pitch Business Journalists

I’ve been writing about business for a long time. Since the arrival of social media, how one can pitch a business publication with a story has changed a bit. Today, you have more options.  Breaking business news always will be my favorite. If you have a breaking news item, there are a few ways to reach your […]

Tag Your Way to Instagram Success

Since my last blog post explaining why an organization should join Instagram, the next step is illustrating how to dominate this visual platform by using hashtags. While hashtags are supported by most social networks, most associate the # with Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags have achieved mainstream status by being integrated into pop culture and are […]


Reserve Domain Names For Children

People buy domain names before they do anything else online.  To keep identities uniform across websites and networks, most base their Twitter handles off of their domain name and/or their name. Domains, Gmail accounts, Twitter handles and Facebook URLs are quickly reserved as more and more people jump online.  Have you thought about reserving domains […]

Social Media as Suggestion Box

I started thinking about the subject of this article after reading an article in the recent issue of Incentive Magazine. In the article, the author recommends that companies use social media as a means to increase employee performance. While I do not agree with everything that the author suggests, he got me to thinking. Social […]

PolitePersistence Waves Goodbye To Pesky Email Follow-up

Fun fact: Americans spend about 329 million hours on email per month.That number doesn’t surprise me. A public relations professional, it’s safe to say I spend at least one to two hours at work each day sending emails and conducting follow-up. Anyone who works in a communications field, be it PR, social media, or sales, […]

Will Teens Flock to LinkedIn?

If you know any teenagers, or have your own, you may have heard that Facebook is quickly losing its “cool”. According to a recent Pew survey, more teens dislike the growing trend of adults using the site, the constant “drama” that seems to appear there, and people excessively sharing content. The study also concluded that […]