Should Brands Bother With Facebook Pages?

As businesses carve out a social media marketing strategy, Facebook isn’t just a consideration—it’s typically at the top of the must-use platforms list. Yet as the social networking giant continues to tweak its visibility algorithm and make other wide-ranging changes, a critical question has emerged: For businesses new to Facebook, does a Facebook page still […]


How to Integrate User-Generated Content into a Social Media Strategy

Thanks to social and digital media, customers are broadcasting their experiences with brands more than ever before. Consumers are generating content about their shopping habits and purchasing decisions across the social web. It’s not just a Consumer Report rating or a newspaper critic’s review that now influence customers. It’s the opinion of existing customers that […]

5 Tips For Online Brands to Better Know Customers

Whether you’re a small business or a global business, knowing your audience is the backbone of selling your products and services. Without this knowledge, you’re basically throwing stuff at a wall and seeing if it sticks through your content marketing, social media engagement, and product marketing strategies. Does that sound effective? I didn’t think so. […]


Internet Advertising Up 16 Percent in 2014 and Everyone is Targeted

Social media has long been thought to be dominated by teenagers and young people. This held true during the initial emergence of social media networks but over the last several years demographics have changed. There has been significant growth in the use of social media sites by older users. There are fascinating trends happening. Currently […]

Recent Changes in Our Dallas and DC Chapters

I have some exciting news from our chapters in Dallas, Texas; and in Washington, D.C. Leaders in these chapters have stepped down from their role in SMC to pursue passions unique to their cities. These community leaders have or will create separate nonprofit associations to address their communities’ unique local needs that are outside the […]

Net Neutrality Truths for B2B Marketers

Have you heard the term, “net neutrality,” in the news recently? I admit, this topic only recently crossed my radar since I usually focus more on social media, blogging, and digital marketing articles. It turns out that net neutrality actually has huge implications for folks like myself who rely heavily on the Internet for writing, research […]

SMC Communications Committee Wants You

Social Media Club was born in 2006 to expand digital media literacy, promote standard technologies, encourage ethical behavior, and share best practices. We continue to insist that the social media landscape is not an echo chamber of self-reinforcing thoughts but one that is fueled by diversity of opinion and perspective. Our board of directors is in the […]

The Great Twitter Experiment of 2014

Remember when Twitter was fun?   I joined Twitter in the first half of 2008 and quickly started enjoying meaningful conversations with people from all over the world. It was energizing. It was exciting. And it was unlike any other way to communicate. As relationships formed in real ways over 140 characters, savvy marketers and […]

Mastering the Art of PowerPoint Slides

I recently met PowerPoint. This might seem ironic for a social media expert who spends half her life online, blogging and switching between various social media accounts. Alas, it’s true. I just figured out PowerPoint to make some slides about myself for an important upcoming meeting. (Now, if you’ve been following me, you know the […]

Case Study on E-Reputation: Pinterest in Europe

Most entrepreneurs know that registering a brand’s name is not something you do off the hook. First, you think about your brand’s name in order to find the perfect one, the one that will be easily recognizable, remembered and will be meaningful to your target audience. Then, you hurry to register it to maker sure […]