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Why I Stopped Saying Engagement

Towards the end of last year I actively stopped saying the word engagement. I made a point to question how and why I used it until I realized I needed to stop using the term (and its derivatives like engage and engaging) all together. The word has been abused and misused; and it’s time to […]


5 Tips to Establish Your Brand

Do you want to be a brand that is boring and bland on their website, blog, and social media? I hope not. Instead, ensure that your brand invests some time, resources, and money – so your brand voice and tone across your content efforts is consistent and enjoyable. Here are five things to consider as […]

Brand Building: Personal, Business, or Both?

Between my personal and business Twitter accounts, I follow thousands of people on that platform. If I take a quick snapshot of my own stream, I can see that I mostly follow people who tweet using their personal handles. When I take look closer at their profiles, many include information about their employment. Some of […]

4 Ways to Monetize Your Social Networks

In this digital era, e-commerce is bigger than ever and while retailers and marketers were some of the first to capitalize on this new way of life, the market expands every day. With the rise and popularity of social media, brands have tapped into their own revenue stream – their consumers. Social media for e-commerce has […]

Email Subscription Gray Tactics

There’s bad advice going around. That’s my conclusion after seeing the same thing over and over and over again. A lot of us who make it a point to meet people, share cards and share connections are suffering from the over-aggressive email marketers. There are actual laws on the books to help prevent SPAM. This […]

Meet the New PR Newswire for Journalists

Exciting news, folks! PR Newswire relaunched its media-only site, PR Newswire for Journalists.   What this means for you, if you’re a blogger, content creator, or journalist: There’s a new look, feel, and host of new features available to help you with your writing. And, for the social media savvy professional, you’ll notice the new […]

[SMC JOB] Newsletter Content Writer

The communications committee of Social Media Club seeks an individual to compile data from global teams and chapters for a monthly newsletter.   We need a person to highlight blog posts, webinars, sponsored promotions, chapter news, best practices, and related content. You should have an eye for research and the ability to curate and write. […]

How to Create Different Internet Passwords

  An active user has approximately 7-8 accounts on online social networks. In my case, that number is 5 times because I keep trying new social networks and do not deactivate them after testing its usability.   A major mistake that we commit is keeping a same password for all online social networks. On few […]

4 Reasons to Blog On Your Website

  Blogging is one of the most important things for businesses and organizations to raise their profile and increase their brand.   Many questions come up once you decide to start a blog for your company or organization. I believe the most important is: “Where should we put the blog?”   There are a lot […]

Why You Can Work in Social Media and Use Facebook Only For Personal Matters

  Celebrating 10 years of Facebook, it is interesting to see how uses have changed over the past decade.   While more and more articles are written giving clues on how to use Facebook for business, including it in a pertinent digital strategy, insisting upon its necessity and the “huge possibilities” it brings both to […]