How to Write a White Paper That Gets Noticed (and Acted Upon)

For the past few years, I’ve been working hard to increase my writing skills. It started when I got more into blogging/social media and increased as I took on freelance writing assignments. It increased even more when I started teaching a college class designed to help the students write college level papers. What I’ve learned […]

The Tweet Heard Round the World: Oscars Embrace the Second Screen

  Sunday’s broadcast of the 86th Academy Awards was filled with many memorable TV moments, such as John Travolta mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name, Pharrell wearing his hat and Happy about it, and the show boasting it’s highest rating in 10 years. But the highlight of the evening was Ellen DeGeneres’ celebrity-filled “selfie” that was re-tweeted […]

The Value of Social Media to Business

As practitioners of social media, one can forget that many are not aware of its value, especially in business. Social media to some professionals is something that their teenage daughter/son wastes time on. This type of thought process may result from a lack of understanding of social media as a tool to reach strategic business […]