Local Targeting Using Yik Yak

Are you looking to reach a local audience? Have you tried using a hashtag on Twitter in hopes of creating a viral event, only to be disappointed in the results? Are older teenagers and younger 20-somethings your target audience? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you might want to look into […]

5 Reasons Supporting Social Media Engagement

Earlier this year I shared on this blog why I stopped saying the word engagement. Overall, the piece was received positively by Social Media Club members but there was a small handful that came to engagements defense, including IBM’s Social Media Strategist David Pittman.  I had the opportunity to chat with Pittman in more detail […]


3 B2B Social Media Mistakes Your Business Can Easily Avoid

I really believe this quote by John Wooden to be true, especially when it comes to doing social media: “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” According to data published earlier this year by Content Marketing Institute, social media use by B2B companies keeps increasing […]

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Jelly Defined By Social Networking Users

Have you discovered Jelly yet? It’s the latest venture from Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter. The idea, as outlined in the promotional video, is simple. Using the Jelly app on your phone, snap a picture of something and ask a question of the community. Walk by a statue you don’t recognize? Snap a photo and […]

SMC is looking for Social Media Managers!

General Summary: As Social Media Manager, you will serve on the Social Media Club (SMC) social media team to engage our members and  global social media community at large. You will work with your team members to hone our social media strategy, implement best practices, and promote the SMC brand. Managers are responsible for social […]

60 Twitter Acronyms to Know

Whether you agree or not, we all love to type ‘LOL‘ than ‘Laughing Out Loud‘ to save space, time and effort. As an active user of many micro blogging websites, I also like to use abbreviations in my messages. Many abbreviations are commonly used across all micro blogging websites but some are specific to Twitter. There are around 100 million daily […]

10 Reasons Why the Selfie is Here to Stay

Selfies are the “new” trend. New because some people still haven’t figured out it’s now part of our lives and that this “trend” is going to last for a while. As a digital consultant but also as a professor, I come across people who doubt selfies will survive the year. Here are 10 reasons why […]

How to Handle Feedback

5 Tips to Accept Social Media Feedback

As Social Media Marketers, we face many challenges. We are faced with the challenge of an ever-changing industry, clients who think they know it all and the fact that our work is out there for everyone to see. Due to all of the previously listed challenges, we are also faced with a lot of feedback […]


The New Apps Generation: Social Mobile Natives

Social goes mobile, while “mobile” takes part of our lives, deeper and deeper. Devices, uses, interfaces, services…apps stores. Everything goes faster and easier. Seems another generation of apps is born, kind of bubble inside the bubble when you see the growth of Line, Whatsapp, Mindie, Snapchat and so on. Found myself thinking of it and […]

Why Social Media Killed the News Release

Journalists, you are unfortunately out of luck. I don’t know if anyone has broken it to you yet, but the traditional black and white news release is on its way out. Individuals are interacting with media differently than they have before. Social media has taken the world by storm. It has revolutionized the way we […]