How Many Slacktivists Does It Take To Raise $14 Million?

I’ve been challenged! I’ve been challenged to the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness. This means I have 24 hours to either douse myself with a bucket of ice water or donate $100 to the ALS Association. Watching celebrities and high school friends hop around in discomfort after experiencing the surprise is fun, but how […]

Social Media Crisis Management for Dummies

Why is it that when a company has a crisis they shut down their social media channels? In some cases companies will block comments on Facebook or will suspend their Twitter account until the crisis is over. So what gives? Why do they do it? There are two reasons for this outcome. 1 – The […]

Seeking Social Media Director for the SMC Brand

As the Social Media Director you will serve as a leader on the Social Media Club (SMC) social media team and oversee all social media managers and channels. You will work alongside another SMC social media director to promote the SMC  brand, maintain current strategies, hire and train teammates, and stay up to date with […]


Social dating means you’re now a part of the media

If you’ve ever walked around these many apps or websites, surfing on the huge opportunity of “modern and single life,” you’re now more than ever exposed to the world window in a few seconds. It’s of course well known that the “first impression is the best,” so you’d better kick on your best profile. I’m […]

Twitter Announces Plan To Float On Stock Market

Twitter tightens its wings

Next time you think about sending out a tweet that is identical to one that you just sent out several hours ago, you may want to reconsider. Twitter, which was far more lax about duplicate tweets in the past, is now putting its foot down. What’s the Problem? All scheduled tweets that are identical, no matter if […]