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How To Become A Thought Leader With Twitter

Today it’s becoming increasingly hard to stand out as a thought leader, but the good news with social media is that you can control your own destiny. You can determine what you want your personal brand to be and what you want to be known as a leader in. However, this requires careful strategic planning. […]


Case Study: UpDesk Increases Revenue With Social Listening Tools

Founded in 2012, UpDesk is a standing desk company that has successfully used social media marketing automation strategies to generate seven-figure revenue in just two years of operation. Kamron Kunce, Director of Community Relations at UpDesk, shared the the seven strategies of social media success, UpDesk’s health benefits, finding the right keywords and influencers, the […]

The Missing Demographic of Pinterest

For the world of retail, we are entering into one of the most competitive and important seasons of the year. It’s that time of the year again where the masses gather outside of retail stores, blanketed in darkness, with visions of Black Friday deals in their heads. For many retailers, Pinterest has become a cornerstone […]

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Social Media Club Expanding In Your Area

Social Media Club is actively seeking new chapter leaders in the following areas: San Diego, CA Silicon Valley, CA Washington, D.C To get involved as a leader in one of these areas, please email Ronnie Ledesma, Professional Chapter Management Director at Social Media Club. He’ll set up time with you to discuss what’s involved. If […]