How To Write For Major Publications

After working with one of the top editors at Inc. magazine and studying the processes of columnists, I was able to see what it takes to rise to the top, become a top columnist and write for a major publication. A top columnist today isn’t what it used to be in the past when t […]


Protecting Your Family From Online Attacks

How can you protect your family from online attacks?  Like most people, I find the Internet a very convenient way to communicate with friends and family in addition to using it at work. However, it comes with some risks, which parents must be aware of in order to protect themselves from online predators. To help […]


Social Media is Boring – Long Live the Social Web!

Yes, Social Media is Boring. But! Long live the Social Web! Calling for Co-Explorers! Last November, I attended one of the most important events in Sweden to converse all things Internet, “Internetdagarna.”  Translated as, “The Internet Days,” this event is arranged by The Internet Infrastructure Foundation in Sweden, the one’s administrating our cTLD – .se, […]

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2015 Letter From Global Board of Directors!

Happy New Year! Our big transition in 2014 A lot happened this past year. The biggest change at Social Media Club was when our board of directors took over operations in 2014. This was the first step in our transition from the small business owner model that launched SMC back in 2006 to the large […]

How I Learned To Deal With Complaints on Twitter

I’ve been working in Social Media for awhile and I’ve been fortunate  enough to avoid dealing with…them. You know them: Angry Twitter  Clients. One aspect of your customer service or product is not to their  liking and they will let you know in a tirade on a very public forum. A  majority of the time […]

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5 Blog Ideas to Crank Out Killer Content

Many content strategies center on a blog. I know ours does at 360Connext. Our blog is the hub of our thought leadership, our reactions to current events, our “x marks the treasure” spot on our social media map! I write several times a week and I’m often asked where we come up with our content. […]

Digital Readability: 3 Tips to Make Your Content More Reader Friendly

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is a popular word in the world of social media. It’s difficult to understand all the different strategies involved, but there is an often-overlooked part of SEO: humans. It’s easy to forget that people are the ones who read and share your content, but by focusing on them you […]


That’s the story of a hashtag that became very popular over only a few hours. Not the most popular hashtag on Twitter ever like a French newspaper stated and then corrected but still, a real symbol. Yes, I’m French and I do live in Paris. Hence I take my chance on writing on this event, […]

What Digital Marketing Will Look Like In

What Digital Marketing Will Look Like In 2015

As an industry, digital marketing is experiencing a major transformation. Every aspect of the industry is being tied back to data. Data is everywhere. It’s the backbone of every marketing campaign allowing agencies and companies to make informed decisions about their marketing efforts. Digital tactics that worked in the past are now be re-envisioned to […]

SMC Q-and-A

Social Media Club: A Meeting Of The Minds

One of the basics with having wisdom is to know what you do not know. That is, realizing that you’re not the all-knowing person you’d like to think that you are. With that in mind, I’m sharing this article to other members of the Social Media Club’s (SMC) Editorial Team to learn from them and […]