#SWGO 2015-001: "The Productivity Mess"

Welcome to the first essay in the name of Social Web Global Observations! One month ago I had a call for action, in a statement form, introducing a general call for global thinkers, doers, readers and writers in the name of “Understanding the Social Web”, from their local point of view. Departing from a feeling […]


10 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Brand

As we all know in today’s business world it has become necessary to use social media to grow your brand. It is a form of advertising that can be more effective and engaging than traditional methods such as newspaper and TV ads and often it has almost zero cost, but it poses an ever changing […]


Pinterest Keeps on Getting Better

Pinterest is making some big moves in business to become a marketing powerhouse. They recently opened up their promoted pins program to the public.  In beta testing they found the pins perform as well,  if not better, than organic pins.  They are seeing results lasting long after the campaign ends, due to the evergreen nature […]

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5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Promote Your Brand's Blog

Having a blog is awesome. Promoting it’s content is even more awesome, if done well. The below list addresses simple but effective ways for your content distribution strategy. 1. Share, share, share – It seems self-explanatory to say share your blog across your social channels. However, it’s not just about sharing, but it’s about the […]


4 Social Sites That Keep Life Interesting

Social media is amazing! We can connect online to just about anyone with just a few clicks and there are some sites that keep life interesting in addition to keeping us connected. We can build great friendships with people in different countries, we can see updates from that kid we met at camp that one […]

Is Strip Commerce

Is Strip Commerce On the Rise?

Funny how Valentine’s Day can bring up information we had almost forgotten about.  Last week, many articles on the same subject were shared widely in France. The subject? A new way of attracting attention and engaging customers in a way that should have been used long ago, is now developing on the web. It worked in men’s […]


Facebook Continues to Lower Ad Inventory

If you purchased ads on Facebook in Q4 you may have noticed a dip in campaign performance and much higher CPC’s or CPM’s compared to similar campaigns from the previous year. A recent article posted by Ad Age, explained in Q4 of 2014 Facebook served 65% fewer ads year over year, but the average cost of […]


It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Whether it is forgetting to pick up your kid from school or not turning in a homework assignment, we make mistakes. Even though these things happen all the time, we easily forgive ourselves and simply, move on. Why can’t we embrace the same mentality with social media? Why are brands often scrutinized for a misspelled […]

Does Pinterest work for Non-Retail

Can Pinterest Deliver Value for Non-Retail Companies?

Can Pinterest deliver value for non-retail companies?  Pinterest has 10.4 million registered users, a jackpot for companies! 10.4 million people potentially sharing images and links to your products and services. No more creative postings, games or even shared stories (and other types of Facebook advertising).  Simply, pin an image! American users of Pinterest spend an […]

Social Selling

Social Business and Social Selling

The role of marketing is now moving in a completely different way to the one we are used to.  The past has seen the door-to-door sales person, leaflet drops, radio and television advertising.  Now the change has begun with the advent of Social Media through to Social Business and Social Selling – the whole concept […]