How to Make Surveys and Polls Useful But Fun

Your audience wants to feel heard, but are you listening to them in a way that also helps your brand? Collecting consumer feedback, demographic points or opinions through polls and surveys provides you with a goldmine of information that will inform your next product or campaign. The act of gathering this feedback, however, is easier […]


Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

Social media is now a requirement for businesses and as the demand for it grows, so does the cost. So how are small business supposed to keep up with the cost, the technology, and all of the never-ending changes that happens in social media while keeping up with their actual business? Fortunately, there are tools […]

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How to Increase Relevant Social Media Shares for Your Content

Everyone is searching for more shares, likes, tweets, retweets, etc. for their content. However, in today’s world of content marketing, relevant shares can be more important than just any share. What do I mean by this? It is all about quality over quantity. It isn’t just enough to have bot accounts share your content a […]