#SWGO 2015-002: "Sounds, sounds, sounds!"

Social Web Global Observations, part two. We began outlining what to capture in this series of essays in January, with an introductory shout out – “Social Media Is Boring – Long Live the Social Web!”. Beyond that we got into the “Productivity Mess”, in our first essay in the formal #SWGO flow – having a guesswork […]

#SWGO 2015-001: "The Productivity Mess"

Welcome to the first essay in the name of Social Web Global Observations! One month ago I had a call for action, in a statement form, introducing a general call for global thinkers, doers, readers and writers in the name of “Understanding the Social Web”, from their local point of view. Departing from a feeling […]


Social Media is Boring – Long Live the Social Web!

Yes, Social Media is Boring. But! Long live the Social Web! Calling for Co-Explorers! Last November, I attended one of the most important events in Sweden to converse all things Internet, “Internetdagarna.”  Translated as, “The Internet Days,” this event is arranged by The Internet Infrastructure Foundation in Sweden, the one’s administrating our cTLD – .se, […]

Let Buddypress Outdo Facebook

The other week, once again we saw “the biggest IPO” game played – the Facebook. It’s all about billions. Dollars, and approaching that number of users, making it the first social service on the web attracting a billion and beyond.  At the same time, now being on the stock market, there is an obvious risk […]

The Flow Society Projects 2012: An (Inter)Action Report

After spending my thinking-and-writing energy on the idea complex related to The Flow Society from last summer up until March this year, I went down for some practical applications. And now we’re rolling! I just want to spend this month’s contribution updating you with what is happening in-and-about these Community-Oriented / Crowd-Empowered projects – open […]


How to Survive, Live and Prosper in the Flow Society?

So, I have tried to outline some strands of conversations to try to understand “The Flow Society”. I hope by now you have gotten my main point.   I don’t understand it!  I do not have a “coherent theory” firmly rooted in any kind of “sociological meta-theory”, and transformed into a new one. I only believe […]

Towards a Flow Society In Full – An Ode To The Past and Coming

Prelude (Andante):  Pow!  There it goes.  Well, almost – I mean –  2011.  And – Wow!  What a year.  Let’s make 2012 even better.  Like that. Pow-wow.  It has come to the time Beyond the approx. 13.7 billion years BBB (Beyond Big Bang)  To look back on the last twelve lunar orbits in 2011 To […]


Here comes the Flow Workers! With why and how in focus (whenever, wherever)

You are going to get notes on the where and when in this write-up on the Flow Society. The process is the point. The talking is the walk. That’s why. You’ve seen the two first steps of capturing the conversation themes in this article series on the #FlowSociety.  The first article, a general intro, that mentioned the societal flow of communication as to have a first clue […]