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New updates to the SMC Job Listings Directory

We are pleased to share some new exciting new updates to the Job Listings directory on Social Media Club. Now, as a benefit to our members, we will provide exclusive, private access to view Job Listings for TWO WEEKS before the listing is made available to Public View. Once a Job Listing is made public, anyone with a link to […]


Celebrate A Decade of Growth With Social Media Club

If your timelines are anything like ours, you’ve seen plenty of 10 year challenge posts popping up in the last couple weeks.  Now that we have seen just how much we’ve aged in the last decade, let’s take a few moments today to celebrate the transformation of social media over the last ten years! A decade ago, we began to see […]


Top 10 Reasons to Join SMC

While we’re celebrating 10 years of SMC, here’s a list of top 10 reasons to join Social Media Club.  Together we will make the next 10 years even better! 10) Grow your knowledge of social media. Social Media Club hosts both online and in person events around the world for practitioners to listen, learn, and share industry best practices.  SMC local chapter leaders are keen on […]