There’s An App For That (or Not): The Role of Mobile Apps in The 2012 Election

If the outcome of the 2008 presidential election resulted from the Obama campaign’s use of social media, then what technology has defined the 2012 race? The 57th quadrennial presidential election is less than a week away, and I can’t help but wonder what the winning technological tactic will be this year. Are voters turning to […]

Social Fitness Gets Mobile: Rides, runs, and virtual high fives

Mobile fitness applications that put social at their core are shaping the way that we work out. Mobile apps like Runkeeper and iMapMyRIDE allow users to receive virtual support from friends or challenge others for the top spot while working toward their fitness goals. The Mobile Movement Mobile fitness applications take advantage of smartphone features […]

“Me Time” Found: Restoring personal balance in a social age

For my article this month, I can’t tell you about Facebook’s new timeline or Google+’s photo privacy tools. I can’t tell you about the latest YouTube sensation or trending Twitter topic. I don’t even know where my friends were located in the past 24 hours: I never saw their check-ins. I think I forgot a […]

Social Business Snapshot: How 3 brands generate buzz by employing social technologies

Is your business creating buzz through social marketing?  By definition, social technologies have the ability to facilitate and drive word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.  Random House, Dell, and Einstein Bros. Bagels are three companies that have strategically employed social technologies and increased customer engagement, brand awareness, and sales in the process. Case Study 1:  Random House gets […]

Social Introspection: Is Google+ Right for You?

 My name is Courtney, and I use a lot of Google products.  In the past week, I have used at least nine—probably more—but I only remember nine.  Which ones?  Let’s see: Gmail, Google Docs, Reader, Maps, Scholar, Talk, Translate, and Search.  Naturally, I got into Google+. I can’t help myself with social technologies:  I adopt […]


Social Spring Cleaning: 3 steps to improve your social media experience

Ah, Spring:  the birds sing, flowers bloom, and your social presence glistens.  Wait, what’s that you say?  You haven’t touched your account settings or updated your network in eons?  If this is the case, then the following three steps will help you identify your goals for your social presence, holes in your professional profile, and who […]

Cancer Blogs Strike Back: How social media educates, supports, and heals one post at a time

Rebellious, uncertain, overjoyed, fragile, strong, hopeful:  the voices of the cancer community come in many forms. Cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers use cancer blogs to share experiences, get information, and connect with others throughout the cancer experience. Why blog about cancer? Cancer patients, caregivers, and loved ones can use blogs to support one another throughout the cancer […]

#Cancersucks: How cancer survivors connect with Twitter

The cancer community is active and engaged in the social media space. Using Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums, cancer survivors use social media to connect with others and communicate with family and friends. This article highlights how one cancer survivor found support through Twitter and provides tips for joining the conversation. Support tweeps I met […]

16 Tips for a Social & Stress-free SxSW Interactive 2011

For those headed to Austin next month, here are a few tips on how to prepare and what to expect during SxSW Interactive 2011. 16 Tips for a Social & Stress-free SxSW Interactive 2011 View more presentations from Social Media Club.

Cite Right in 2011: How to credit your social media sources

Citation: the word itself sounds evil. In college, I always completed the reference section of my papers at the eleventh hour. Undoubtedly, I would be coming down from the caffeinated high of an all-night type fest. My mind would be swirling with citation minutia.  Does the comma go here or there or not at all? […]