Microsoft Mango takes social living to a new level

As the presence of social media in our daily lives increases, we begin to depend more and more on our smartphones to keep us connected. That is why the news of a new Microsoft mobile operating system, to be introduced this fall, caught my eye. On May 24, the corporate giant announced the release of […]

Social Media and Celebrities: What Can We Learn?

We often talk about the ways in which businesses use social media to market their products. However, it might be just as interesting to look at the ways that celebrities use social media to market themselves. I decided to examine some of the more prominent cases and see what lessons can be taken away from […]

How Social Media is Changing the Art World

 Many things have changed with the arrival of social media. We often talk about new marketing strategies, or new ways of communication that have emerged as a result. Not a lot has been said, however, on other subjects – for instance, the effect that social media is having on modern artistic practices. In a conference […]