Need Some Social Media Inspiration? Look to the City & County of San Francisco!

When looking for ideas on how one should run their company’s social media, one doesn’t have to look far. Airbnb’s Instagram feed, IKEA Germany’s Facebook page and Disney’s Vine videos are just a few examples of successful brands connecting with their customers through social. One brand or organization that may get overlooked when it comes […]

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Join Social Media Club & Brian Solis in San Francisco

The future of a brand is experienced. This means that the future of marketing must now be designed to delivery desired experiences and bring them to life. But how companies think about experiences isn’t always how customers feel them. Experience isn’t just one moment. An experience is the sum of all engagements. Experiential/omni marketing has […]

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The Evolving Nature of Social Media

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born with Twitter in one hand and Facebook in the other. My brain has been hardwired to respond in statements that are 140 characters or less and I get an adrenaline rush whenever I live tweet. To sum it all up, social media is […]

Predicting Unpredictability: A Look At What Makes Things Go Viral

Question: Did you check social media at least once this past week? Even if you didn’t, did any of your friends, family or neighbors show you the following picture? What colors do you see? I personally see gold and white, while others argue that they see black and blue. Some people, like my roommate, say […]


It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Whether it is forgetting to pick up your kid from school or not turning in a homework assignment, we make mistakes. Even though these things happen all the time, we easily forgive ourselves and simply, move on. Why can’t we embrace the same mentality with social media? Why are brands often scrutinized for a misspelled […]

Twitter Announces Plan To Float On Stock Market

Twitter tightens its wings

Next time you think about sending out a tweet that is identical to one that you just sent out several hours ago, you may want to reconsider. Twitter, which was far more lax about duplicate tweets in the past, is now putting its foot down. What’s the Problem? All scheduled tweets that are identical, no matter if […]


Social Media Club Announces Social Media Day Winner, Cacera Richmond

June 30 is Social Media Day. It is a day where individuals from around the world gather together and talk all things social media. This year, Social Media Club (SMC) decided to hold a contest in which the winner would get a free membership for a year. Participants had to tweet  a picture of their favorite […]

More Than Just the Intern's Responsibility

  Millennials know social media, and employers know that they know it. The technological savviness and social media know-how of millennials is number three on JobScience’s 5 Reasons to Recruit Millennials list. I believe many employers may be too quick to hire members from our generation, just because we possess this skill. Even though we grew up […]

Why Social Media Killed the News Release

Journalists, you are unfortunately out of luck. I don’t know if anyone has broken it to you yet, but the traditional black and white news release is on its way out. Individuals are interacting with media differently than they have before. Social media has taken the world by storm. It has revolutionized the way we […]


When Social Media Joins the University Classroom

Social Media + University Classroom =  Perfect Combination This semester, Brigham Young University’s Department of Communications decided to, for the first time, offer a social media marketing class. Everyone pulled out their laptops and learned how to tweet. For those of us who were more familiar with Twitter, we helped our classmates follow others, taught […]