Woof-Woof, Meow-Meow: The Petworking Stars of Social Media

There’s hardly a person worldwide who hasn’t heard of Darwin the Ikea monkey. A couple of weeks ago, Darwin, a rhesus monkey, was found wandering outside an Ikea store in Toronto wearing a sherling coat to keep him warm. Within an hour Darwin became a social media sensation, trending on Twitter and two help Darwin […]


Mom and Pop – Make Sure Your Facebook Page Won't Be "So Last Year" in 2013

Facebook changes been fast and furious in 2012, making it tough for small, mom and pop businesses to stay current. Many entrepreneurs are on their own when it comes to building engagement and communities on Facebook and they generally don’t have money to promote “likes”, or buy Facebook ads, or even hire a social media […]

The Visual Revolution on Social Networks

The social web is becoming more and more visual. Twitter, which began with mundane tweets about lunch, is now the go-to social network for millions wanting relevant information in real-time. Social mediums like Pinterest and Instagram are struggling for the same respect. While it took several years for Twitter to achieve status, visual networks are […]


Social for Small Business: To App or Not to App

It’s time for small businesses to seriously consider getting into the mobile marketplace. Smartphones and tablets make up about 50% of the U. S. mobile market according to a Neilsen study released at the end of March.  An expected 460 million smartphones and tablets will be sold worldwide this year and sales may hit a […]


Creative Approaches for Arts Organizations Using Social Media

Small cultural groups that rely heavily on part-time or volunteer staff and donations face a challenge when it comes to developing and executing a social strategy.  It’s unfortunate that groups that are so social by nature are often strapped for cash and hampered by the time that staff and volunteers can dedicate to social media.  […]


It’s Not About Numbers, It’s All About Engagement

Content leads to engagement leads to success in social media, not numbers.  Small businesses are a great of example of how you can build customers without thousands and thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook ‘likes’.  Here are a couple of examples of small businesses doing it right.  El Gastronomo Vagabundo   El Gastronomo Vagabundo (@elgastronomo) food […]

Hey Small Business, It’s Time to Get Serious About Social

When it comes to small business, challenges in developing a smart, successful social media presence are the same as most face in all facets of their business – time and money.   Most small businesses now know they have to get on board but time can be one of the most precious commodities and that’s […]