How To Deal With a Hate Blog

Now that anyone can be a publisher online, some people with a bone to pick are bound to create hate blogs – blogs created just to spew venom at the person, company or brand they hate. As a social media professional, sooner or later you’re bound to have to deal with one. Here are some […]


Latest Social Trend Dates Back to B.C. Times

The hottest new trend in social marketing is really based on a human trait that is as old as time. It’s just accelerated now due to better technology and the rapid pace that data is being thrown at us these days. It’s our deep-seeded need and want for visual cues and shortcuts to understanding. Humans […]

Spreading Lies: Has Social Media Made You Too Trusting?

Social media means we always have the latest news at our fingertips. How many times have you learned about a big news event or even celebrity death through a tweet or Facebook update long before you heard it on a traditional news source? And how many times have you passed that news along, not knowing […]

SoLoMo is changing your relationship to the world. Gimbal is mutating it.

SoLoMo is shorthand for Social, Local and Mobile. Almost every app you see and use has elements of SoLoMo. They are mobile. They connect us to some aspect of social media. And they relate to your location. How our mobile devices connect us socially to our surroundings has long been the vision of where our world is […]


How Do You Create & Measure Successful Brand Engagement on Facebook?

Social media hangs its hat on getting customer or fan engagement. Facebook is the preferred platform for building communities around brand engagement. So, would you be happy coming to your client or boss with a whopping 0.5% engagement number?  That’s what the latest study shows the top 200 brands on Facebook have as their average […]

The Social Graph and How It’s Influencing Brand Decisions

Pulling information off of social media is giving marketers and brands new information to better connect with their customers and improve their products. Using the social graph, we can see who’s connected to whom and how these relationships spread information. Now, many are turning from the social graph to a taste graph. In fact, Facebook’s […]

In this Adapt or Die Digital World, Where Are You Headed?

A big tech meteor has crashed into the economic landscape and changed the business climate forever. Now is the time to decide if your business is going to go the way of the dinosaurs or evolve to survive in the new world order.   Sound a little melodramatic? Perhaps. But if you work in any business, […]

How 2012’s Eye-Popping Internet Statistics Affect You & My Mom

I’ve never done this before, so please be gentle with me. I’m writing a blog post based on a Hubspot blog post based on an eMarketer study on 2012 U.S. digital media usage.  Why, you ask? Well, the facts themselves are interesting for social media practitioners and in your post-holiday glow, you might have missed […]