Does Pinterest work for Non-Retail

Can Pinterest Deliver Value for Non-Retail Companies?

Can Pinterest deliver value for non-retail companies?  Pinterest has 10.4 million registered users, a jackpot for companies! 10.4 million people potentially sharing images and links to your products and services. No more creative postings, games or even shared stories (and other types of Facebook advertising).  Simply, pin an image! American users of Pinterest spend an […]

Social Media Crisis Management for Dummies

Why is it that when a company has a crisis they shut down their social media channels? In some cases companies will block comments on Facebook or will suspend their Twitter account until the crisis is over. So what gives? Why do they do it? There are two reasons for this outcome. 1 – The […]


Why Air Jordans are Social

Have you ever tried to buy a pair of Air Jordans? It’s not as easy as you think it is. Sure you can walk into a Footlocker or FinishLine store at any suburban shopping mall and pick up a pair, but if you want a pair of retro Jordans or even the latest release it’s […]


3 Social Media Strategies For Your Business

Many argue that social media strategy is a buzz word with no real merit. The skeptics say that you don’t need a social media strategy. They argue that social media is part of any company’s traditional marketing mix. Skeptics point to the fact that all marketing channels should be integrated meaning that your message on […]

3 Reasons Why Restaurants Fail on Twitter

Editor’s Note: This is the first (of many) posts by Michael Lis. He’s among a new slate of Social Media Club bloggers in 2014. Learn more about the editorial team.  I’m not a restaurant owner nor do I play one on Twitter, but if you own a restaurant then you should pay close attention to […]