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Is it Possible to Market with a Goal to Break the Internet?

For digital marketers, success is sometimes defined when content goes viral. The elusive term is a goal that many attempt, few actually succeed. Why? Probably because forcing something to go beyond its intended reach, doesn’t often work. In social media, the term is misused to describe a scenario in which content breaks the normal boundaries […]

What Digital Marketing Will Look Like In

What Digital Marketing Will Look Like In 2015

As an industry, digital marketing is experiencing a major transformation. Every aspect of the industry is being tied back to data. Data is everywhere. It’s the backbone of every marketing campaign allowing agencies and companies to make informed decisions about their marketing efforts. Digital tactics that worked in the past are now be re-envisioned to […]

6 Ways Nonprofits Can Use SnapChat

I’ve been writing about how non-profit organizations can leverage social media for quite a while. The industry, as a whole, has truly matured in 2013 in its ability to use the platforms available to market important causes and advocate for critical campaigns. Could it be that it’s time to look beyond the core of Facebook, Twitter […]

Tag Your Way to Instagram Success

Since my last blog post explaining why an organization should join Instagram, the next step is illustrating how to dominate this visual platform by using hashtags. While hashtags are supported by most social networks, most associate the # with Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags have achieved mainstream status by being integrated into pop culture and are […]

Instagram: Share Your Brand not Only Your Lunch

Happy 1 year anniversary to Instagram on being bought by Facebook for $1 billion dollars. In today’s social media focused world, we’re constantly being bombarded with messages, advertisements, and calls to action. Visual content grabs our short attention span much faster than a well written article or blog posts. If social media is meant to […]