5 Predictions for Social Media in 2014

With the decreased level of online interest span, the rise of social media platforms and applications that emphasise quicker circulation, images, videos, and news centric contents will see a boost in 2014. 1. An era of news centric contents: Social media will experience a newer face of news centric content distribution over the regular memes […]

Micro-Social Networking: The Future of Social Media?

Screenshot from Line’s website Call it a phase, despite enhanced privacy features now we hate sharing personal stuffs on Facebook but not on a platform enabling a direct one to one interaction to the closed ones. Most of us even hate leaving a direct message on someone’s FB wall or even a direct tweet unless […]


Social Media Gamification: Should You Play

Have you ever felt the excitement of earning a new badge in foursquare? Don’t you feel lucky when you take a look at those retired badges you’ve earned on foursquare?  I think it is safe to say we all do, as they are limited to only a few people who met specific requirements on foursquare. […]

Twitter Competitive Analysis: Beginner’s Guide

A social media strategy for an organization is either incomplete or obsolete if it doesn’t contain any competitive analysis. And among all the social media channels, twitter alone can tell you a lot about your competitors without any doubt. With the introduction of expanded tweets, now this possibility has been strengthened further.  So, if your […]


The Process of Creating a Social Media Policy

As I wrote in my last Article, irrespective of the type whether it’s a ‘Floating’ or ‘Fixed’ every social media policy should be propelled through a filtered process of certain steps to ensure the best yield. Just like any other policy, the end goal of a social media policy for an organization is simply to […]

Social Media Policy: Setting Up the Appropriate Model

According to a report by eMarketer, 4 out of every 5 computer users use social media platforms actively. Under such an influence, it is quite easy to depict the scene of requirement of a social media policy inside an organization, even though some of these organizations may never have considered social media within their direct […]

Social Media and Crowdsourcing: Cons

As I wrote in my previous article about crowdsourcing and social media, Crowdsourcing has been successful in finding out a void in the market and creating a brand new market out of it on being applied properly through social media. But yet depending upon few factors the very idea of crowdsourcing done through social may […]


Social Media and the Crowdsourcing: Applicability & Effectiveness So Far

The best thing about social media which turned it into an instant success is the fact that it has been powered by the people. It has something to offer to almost everyone. Its smooth accessibility has not only made the social connectivity easy but also provided people across the world with flexible working opportunities.  The […]

6 of the Best Social Media Campaigns Ever

Modern day narrative is written in the script of social media. You have to make your presence felt at social media platforms or soon you will be a non entity. Whether it is a marketing or political campaign, social media is the most preferred platform for the same.  From the inception of the social media […]

Social Media for Publicity & Advertising: The DON’Ts

Continuing from my last article in the SMC Clubhouse about basic do’s of social media for publicity & advertising, I am covering the DON’Ts in this article. Quoting from that article, every campaign on social media runs on a thriving force of pre-set objective, be it a final sale or the brand perception. Depending on […]