Artistic Collaboration: Social Media and Sustainability Support Community Theatre

We social media types can make anything better. The power of messaging to the entire world can make things happen. Or in this case, just to your own neighborhood. The real power in social media isn’t what it does in cyberspace, but in meat space as it were. When that energy from all those bits and bytes pours into […]

Zaarly and Filament: Sustaining the Arts

I love it when a plan comes together. I’d chomp on a cigar right now if I wasn’t such a hippie anti-smoker. I’ve had the privilege of being at the heart of an incredible partnership over the past couple of weeks. That this has all come together in such an amazingly short time is truly a testament to […]

Connecting to the arts

This month, researcher Devon V. Smith released a report for the Theatre Bay Area on how 207 arts organizations around the world are using social media. It has a tremendous amount of information, some intuitive and some suggestive. I highly recommend a full read for anyone invested in helping arts organizations with their growth in this […]

pARTicipation from TEDxMichiganAve

I had the honor of hosting and curating TEDxMichiganAve earlier this month, an independently organized TED event focused on the future of the arts industry with thirteen speakers from around the country dealing on everything from technology in the arts to arts education to sustainability practices within the industry. I was deeply touched by the applications […]

The Stewardship Tool

Many not-for-profits are still feeling their way into the social mediaspace. In some ways, we have it easier as causes are a tremendousmotivating force, and gives people common causes to rally around, beit the arts, poverty, disease, or whatever is important to you. To becertain, social media can make connections with those similarlypassionate souls in […]

Words Matter

I can’t help but think over and over of my favorite movie, The Fisher King, right now. It is the story of shock jock radio host, Jack, played by Jeff Bridges, who gives violent advice during his show to an unstable man that results in a massive shooting. It’s an exceptional and, at times, heartbreaking […]