What You Should be doing on Facebook

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1. Post Daily (at a minimum)
It’s an urban myth that you can annoy your customer by posting too often. That may have been true in 2005 before Facebook put its feeds on an algorithm, but now the chances that your one daily post is going to be seen everyday by the same people are pretty slim. Facebook recommends that you post once to twice daily. Here’s the thing about Facebook: If we want to be valued in the algorithm, we play by Facebook’s rules.
2. Need Content: Cross Pollinate
Twitter users love Twitter and Facebook users love Facebook. Often times, people prefer different social experiences and it’s hard to capture the same user on multiple platforms unless they are a die-hard fan. It’s still good to try. Here’s how: Post Facebook events on Twitter, link up your Instagram account to your business feed, and get an office Snapchat already! Saving your Snapchat feeds are a quick and easy way to get content for Facebook, plus everyone loves a behind-the-scenes show.
3. Use Video 
Facebook has made it easier than ever to produce videos through Facebook Live. Because video is where the world is heading, Facebook encourages users to use video and ranks these higher in their algorithm. There’s nothing more annoying than bad audio, so buy a mini mike for your phone or plug in your headset.
4. #HashtagThat
As more and more people experience social through their smart phones, there is an increase in social search. People aren’t leaving their social apps to google things as much as they have in the past. Smart hashtagging can help your business show up in their searches. This is especially important for Instagram where there is now a culture of hashtagging. It’s also important to search your business and make sure your posts are showing up along with any duplicated accounts or misleading profiles. Don’t know how to hashtag? Check out Trends on Twitter for daily ideas of what’s popular.
5. Be a Peer
Peer-to-peer marketing is becoming more and more important. The best way to develop strong relationships with your clients is through face-to-face communication and active engagement. Throwing themed events that are centered around your business is a great way to get people through the door. Use Facebook events to promote and organize each date. Don’t forget that you can pin posts to the top of your Facebook page, putting your event front and center when a visitor searches for your account. It will also appear in your side profile.
As for active engagement, make sure you are responding to every comment and replying to every message and visitor post. Thank your customers if they tag you in a post. Facebook wants to know that business are actively using Facebook comments, and replies this too will help your business get more visibility.

Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon and is a reflection of the brands and businesses we own. In some ways, it is the face of our companies. Once you get into the habit, social media isn’t nearly as scary as it looks. It is a great tool to uncover sales leads, manage brand reputation and provide excellent customer service.