Los Angeles, California United States

Paiwei Wei is a Southern California based storyteller by heart and a photography nerd by brains. I am a creative director for a branding firm called Advertising For Humanity. It’s a great gig and I get called to photograph everyday heroes of the nonprofit world. I am also a contributor and inspector for Getty Images, one of the largest stock image firms in the industry. Plus, I’m a 6 time Ironman finisher, and a 17 season Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training volunteer. I’ve been shooting for over 35 years and I shot everything from a pinhole camera when I was 8, to medium format Hasselblads, to pro SLR Canons to all sorts of underwater cameras and aerial drones. I’ve shot all around the world with exotic locations as remote as Tibet, Cambodia, and Urqumi (just 150 miles south of the Kazakstan border.) I have an arsenal of tools from portable full studio lighting, Canon 5D Mark IV, Mark III,  Mark II, a complete armada of Canon L-Lenses, fisheye lenses, Wifi enabled flashes and tethering, underwater camers, Osmo steadicam, drones, and a ton of gadgets. I have a strong background in photoretouching and processing from 20+ years in the advertising industry. What makes my photography different could be simply distilled into a single reason: I really care. I am personally invested in the outcome and the artistic merit of each assignment I shoot. Big or small projects, I give it my all. Thank you for considering me on your next project.