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+1, Try +41 by Ethan Parry

In the world of social media, we have shares, likes, tweets and +1s. The latter is used on Google’s social network, Google+. I must admit that I haven’t been the most active on Google+, but after reading this article I decided that I should at least create a page for the company where I work. Even though Google+ lags slightly behind Twitter and Facebook in terms of users, it is gaining in popularity. I still prefer other social networks, but remain optimistic about Google+’s future. I was made especially aware of the potential for Google+ after watching the announcements made at Google’s I/O Developer Conference last week regarding it. 41 new features were added. 

Changes to Stream:

  • New layout- the layout is divided into several columns, dependent on how big your screen is and its orientation. The layout is very similar to that of Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Media driven- photos are the primary focus. The content is divided into multiple columns, depending on the size of your screen and its orientation. Google+ also takes photos to a whole new level. You can back them up to the cloud, having an auto correct option, and making it seamless to organize your photos how you want them.
  • Animations- the menus move, the cards flip and everything is more interactive.  

Check out the video about the new stream:



Google+ is all about helping you have the conversations you need to have. Hangouts is now available as a stand-alone app. It is available for Android and iOS. I like its clean layout and its responsiveness. Another nice feature is that you can save conversations. That way you can always go back to them if you need to.




Hashtags, unique to only Twitter and Google+ at the moment, have also seen some changes. Hashtags on Google+ are now automatic. Every time an individual posts something, Google+ automatically gives a hashtag and then suggests similar content to you. If you do not like the automatic hashtag that was assigned, you can simply delete it.


What are
your thoughts about Google+? What does its future hold?