21st Century Literacies, Part 1 of 2

An Interview with Howard Rheingold Earlier this summer I sat down with Howard Rheingold to talk about his ideas for 21st Century Literacies. The result is a two part video. This is the first part wherein he discusses whether all this tech stuff is any good for us, the new digital divides between those who know how to use this stuff and those who don't, crap filters, digital natives, learning methods and more.

Produced specifically for our friends in our #SMCEDU community and our members, we hope you find this as valuable as we do. Watch and learn, and then share your thoughts.


Many years ago at the beginning of my Internet life, I read Howard Rheingold's great book, Virtual Community. It changed everything. Years later, I met him during my first visit to Silicon Valley, when I was interviewed by Susan Bratton for a job she advised me not to take. In fact, as I recall, Howard told me that I was too nice of a guy to be in the startup business and I should get out of that too…

21st Century Literacies, Part 1 of 2 from Social Media Club on Vimeo.