4 Brands Fully Embracing the New Facebook Timeline

If you’re like many Facebook page administrators, you probably had your company’s business page exactly how you wanted it and then the unthinkable happened: Facebook changed… again.  

Fortunately, this time, administrators had advanced warning to learn the new features and plan for their new and improved Facebook company pages.  Although Facebook Timeline has only been official for just over two weeks, many brands have taken change by the horns and are connecting with their fans in a whole new way.  


We all know that companies existed before Facebook was created, but brands never got a chance to highlight the milestones that occurred prior to 2004 until now.  The timeline works especially well for companies with a lot of history.  

Walgreens has opened the company’s time vault and released photos never before seen by consumers.  Fans now have an inside look into the drugstore they know and love.  


You wouldn’t even need the brand name to know who owns this company page.  Google and other brands such as Ford Motor Company, Pizza Hut and Corona have found that a matching profile picture and cover photo equal a winning combination for the ultimate brand experience.    

Dunkin’ Donuts

“America runs on Dunkin’ Donuts and the Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook page runs on you.”  Fans have even more reason to love their favorite coffee.  By posting their pictures to the Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook wall, DD lovers have a chance to become the envy of 6 million other fans by being chosen as the Fan of the Week.  What better way to encourage interaction?        

Milwaukee Brewers

Sure, you could market your organization yourself or you could let your fans do it for you.  The Milwaukee Brewers gave baseball lovers the opportunity to show their team pride by providing them with their very own Facebook cover photos.  The pictures were the perfect dimensions and installation was easy.      

Facebook Timelines may still be in its infancy, but brands have definitely put their creativity to work and it’s paying off.  Since moving to timeline, brands are getting an average of 46 percent more engagement from fans.    

It will be interesting to see how the timeline will evolve over time.  What other good examples have you seen from Facebook Timeline up until now?